Germany Markets ‘Atheist Shoes’

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A German company has come out with a line called Atheist Shoes–sneakers with “Ich Bin Atheist” (“I am atheist”) printed on the soles ( ).

Somehow it’s supposed to make the world a better place. I don’t know how embracing eternal death makes any world a better place, but it seems sanity went out of fashion in Germany some 200 years ago.

Christians, the fallen world keeps falling and it’s a rough ride: we have to hang tough. Proclaim Jesus Christ–and if they don’t listen when the watchman sounds his bugle call, well, we’ve done our bit, as God has asked of us.

5 comments on “Germany Markets ‘Atheist Shoes’

  1. those are the saddest words I have ever heard. Even though these people are such rebels, I still can’t help feeling sorry for their poor deceived souls.
    If only they could catch a glimpse of their destination…

  2. If trope shoes had ‘God’ on the bottom, you’d probably be complaining about the metaphor of wiping god off the soles of shoes just like something else we have to wipe off sometimes.

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