Castro Dead; Pope Grieves; What’s Next?

What a month for liberals! President *Batteries Not Included leaving office. Crooked Hillary kept out of the presidency. And now the loss of that beloved communist dictator and all-around nice guy, Fidel Castro.

Great Lenin’s ghost! What next? The UN runs out of money and has to close its doors? Al Gore buried in an avalanche? Bill Maher converts to Christianity?

And the pope, the Red Pope, Francis I, grieves El Comandante‘s passing. ( In the name of all the priests and nuns and lay Catholics murdered or imprisoned by the Castro regime, Pope Francis drops a tear for Castro. I thought only Methodists did that.

O Lord our God, do to us as you did to the Prodigal Son: who came to himself and understood his sin, who turned from his folly and went back to the father who loved him, and was saved: so do to us, O God.

4 comments on “Castro Dead; Pope Grieves; What’s Next?

  1. And as it was at the death of Nelson Mandella. They are really something.
    Now, the terrible devastating fires in Israel. Look at the Psalm 83 prophecy: what do you think?

  2. I join in your prayer, Amen.

    Who will be left to grieve for the Pope when he is dead? Who will pray for him except those lost like him? Will God listen to their prayers? I cannot pray for the Pope with honesty, but I will pray for those who worship him for the wrong reasons.

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