The Next Big Thing: ‘Stochastic Terrorism’

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Tech Edition - Lemonly Infographics

All roads lead to Kevin Bacon! Or to you being guilty of Stochastic Terrorism.

Are you ready for “stochastic terrorism,” the next big hate crime that you can be accused of? No?

Well, it’s easy enough to get ready–if you can obtain an old 1990s game called Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon. The object of the game was to link actor Kevin Bacon to anyone else in the world in six links or less. That’s also how “stochastic terrorism” works… only the government will be allowed more than six links, as many as it takes to nail you.

Chris Rufo has been warning us about this ( He was accused of Stochastic Terrorism after he appeared on TV with a report on Drag Queen Story Hour. Leftids decided that was “ideologically-driven hate speech,” and some nimrod at Scientific American (of all places) wrote that the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, by some former nudist who was in this country illegally, could be traced by to Chris Rufo’s news report by however many links it took, and Rufo therefore was responsible for the attack on Paul Pelosi. When you mix politics and science you get crap science and really dangerous politics.

Wait a minute! What the devil does “stochastic” mean? I never heard anybody use it till just now.

It means “randomly determined.” Used as Democrats intend to use it, it means “preposterous,” or “baseless,” or “totally full of sh**.”

All they need is any kind of violent incident, and they’ll trace it back to something you said, or wrote, and presto! You’re guilty!

This is the formula by which anybody can be guilty of anything. This is how parents objecting to their local school board’s policies get transmuted into “terrorists” by the Dept. of (LOL!) “Justice” (LOL!).

No wonder they have to cheat to win elections.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 10 (‘Now What?’)

Voting Equipment Goes Up In Flames In Congo's Capital As Election  Approaches : NPR

So much for predictions.

Once again we find inexplicable election results, nationwide, always to the benefit of the Democrat Party.

As discouraging as this is, we just have to keep going, keep working, keep praying. We must never consent to any government that buries us in wicked, stupid policies.

Now What?

I do have a question about those polls, though. Were they purposely setting us up for this? They seem to have no regard at all for their future credibility. They all cried, “Red Wave!” And they were all wrong.

Or has our nation not yet filled its cup of iniquity, and there’s a lot more of  getting slapped around before the crash comes? More illegals swarming across the broken border, more Woke DA’s turning violent criminals loose on our streets, more transgender, more race-baiting, and all the rest of that De Lux Democrat Fun-Pak?

Pollsters Got It Wrong. Again.

Filling in the hole and watering. By sticking your hose down into the hole  around the tree until water c… | Trees to plant, Landscape maintenance,  Beautiful gardens

Let’s just get this out of the way.

Just 24 hours ago, the Internet was abuzz with polls and prognostications of a Republican tsunami, a big red wave that would sweep the Evil Party out of Congress and hamstring SloJo’s efforts to turn us into a province of Red China.

But of course they were all wrong, all of them, and there was no red wave, barely a ripple, lots of prominent Bad Guys elected. Do they just tell us what they think we want to hear, or is there just more cheating than they can allow for?

The picture is still muddled, we have no clarity as yet. But let me say this.

If, when the smoke clears, we (“we” being the normal people of America, mostly represented by Republicans, certainly never by Democrats) have majorities in both houses of Congress, those majorities must immediately vote to reopen the Keystone Pipeline and do everything else we need to do to restore our energy supply.

Two ways we win: either the Evil Party gives in and allows the pipeline to be reopened (I can’t imagine them doing that), or Biden vetoes it, Democrats block a move to override the veto, and presto! They totally own high gas prices, lock, stock, and barrel.

Any majority at all, and we must force them to own their insane and wicked public policies. Critical Race Theory in the schools? All yours! Ruptured border? You’ve got it. Inflation out the wazoo? That’s your names on it, Democrats. Force their hand and make them show America what villains they are.

But all bets are off if we just can’t stop the cheating.

‘Dems Plan to Sabotage Trump’s Presidency (2016)

Schumer Pelosi

And here are Democrats again in all their Election-Denying glory, vintage 2016. You know–Election Denial–which is A Threat To Our Democracy if we question the result of any election, but perfectly A-OK when they do it. Which they do every time they lose.

Dems’ Plan to Sabotage Trump’s Presidency

Election Day’s tomorrow. Just about everybody expects the Dems to get scalded. They have richly deserved it. We can’t take another two years of their malice, their lies, their sheer incompetence, their crimes, and perversion.

But you know they’re cheating. Will they be able to cheat their way to victory?

God help us.

P.S.–I hope the record clearly shows that for Democrats to accuse anyone of “Election Denial” is truly deep hypocrisy.

Try This for a School Board Campaign Slogan

Inflation is the No. 1 issue in this year’s elections. But suddenly, at least in my home town, we’ve got lawn signs for school board candidates.

I’ve figured out that the candidates with the signs are the bad guys. Democrats were shocked, this summer, by how many of their puppets bit the dust in special school board elections all around the country. So of course they’re now going to pour money into school board elections!

Here’s the campaign slogan that I recommend for our side:

Damn the ideology! The family comes first!

No more “trans” propaganda, no more sodomite porn in the school library, no more boys in the girls’ locker rooms: what is the purpose of any of that stuff, if not to undermine the family and groom children for early and aberrant sex? What in the world are our Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions doing, if not that?

The family comes before the schools. Not the other way around! We pay for those wretched schools. We ought to own them. The fact that we don’t, and never will, should be all we need to know… before we remove our children from those classrooms. We can get by without public schooling, but we can’t get by without the family.

Better than any board of education candidate is homeschooling–out of the reach of teachers’ unions.

‘The Future of Democracy’ (Oh, Please!)

Photos of Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream

Here he is in one of his increasingly rare lucid intervals.

Crapmeister-in-Chief SloJo Biden last night warned Americans that “the future of democracy” is on the line in next week’s midterm elections (

SloJo launched a pre-emptive strike on “election deniers,” them being such a mortal threat to democracy and all. Here’s how I interpret it:

“We’ve gotta keep our power, we’ve gotta win these elections, so of course we’re cheating, we couldn’t possibly win if we didn’t–and come Nov. 9, any Republican who accuses us of cheating is A Threat To Democracy!”

Tens of millions of us are convinced the 2020 election was rigged to put Biden in the White House. Hmmm… If it were 51% of us who thought so, wouldn’t “democracy” require that to be the official position?

Lessee, what do you suppose really is a greater threat to our republic? (They keep calling it a “democracy,” but it isn’t. The Constitution guarantees each state in the union a republican form of government.) People saying the 2020 election was something less than honest… or runaway inflation, feckless foreign policy, massive governmental corruption, transgender mania, zillions of illegals rushing over our un-enforced southern border, Critical Race Theory in our schools… or Dodderin’ Joe himself and the idiots with which he is surrounded?

Take all the time you need to think about it.

It’s About Time Someone Said This

Gavel Mallet Icon - Free image on Pixabay

A New York Superior Court judge has ruled that keeping mail-in voting in place because of COVID-19 fears, is unconstitutional ( In fact, said the judge, this policy strands citizens “in an Orwellian perpetual state of health emergency… cloaked in a veneer of voter enfranchisement.”

The judge ordered local election boards to stop counting such absentee ballots.

Boy, was this ever overdue!

In 2019 it was measles, but that didn’t fly. In 2020 it was the gift from Hades, the Chinese Wuhan Death Virus, and they were off to the races with the lockdowns and the mail-in voting. In 2022 they tried it with monkey pox, but by then the people weren’t buying.

Much has been done, this time around, to make it harder to cheat. But it has not been made impossible to cheat. Mail-in voting and drop boxes were open invitations to electoral fraud in 2020.

Ooh-ooh-ooh! You are an Election Denier!

The 2020 election? Damned right I deny it. Me and several tens of millions of others.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 27 (‘Do Or Die–Let’s Do!’)

Business Lessons Learned From Stacey Abrams' Refusal To Concede

Stacy Abrams… She wants more abortions. Do you?

How bad do things have to get before we throw the Democrat Party out of office? ‘Cause they’re pretty bad already.

Do Or Die (Let’s Do!)

I’ve noticed, though, in just the past two weeks or so, Democrat candidates are saying really wacky things and the commentators in the nooze have been playing a lot of CYA. Just last week it was all “Hey, ya know, the Democrats are gonna pull this out, they’re gonna keep control of Congress.” This week, none of that at all. I wonder what happened over the weekend to change the media’s tune. Now they’re all predicting Doomsday.

But Doomsday for Democrats is Happy Birthday for America.

Virginia Bill Would Criminalize… Parents!

Green Lacerta Viridis Lacerta Agilis Species Stock Photo 425943235 |  Shutterstock

Bad enough I have to write about this garbage. I don’t have to illustrate it, too. Here’s a nice lizard instead.

What’s that? You won’t go along with your 6-year-old son’s sudden desire to, er, “be a girl instead”?

We-hell-hell! Are you in trouble! Or rather, you will  be if we can get this bill passed (

Those who use the public schools to groom children for sex are not giving up easily. Why should they? They’ve got the Democrat Party and the teachers’ unions solidly behind them.

So a Democrat legislator in Virginia has introduced a bill to criminalize and punish parents who oppose their child’s “choice” to undergo “gender reassignment therapy.” Either “affirm” your child’s so-called “choice”… or go to jail!

And meanwhile, some “journalist” in Virginia has taken it upon himself to melt down the phone system at Child Protective Services because some woman he was talking to forgot she was supposed to hate our country.

Where do we get these wretched people? It’s like something nasty crawls out from under a rotten log and gets to govern us. And “educate” our children. (Sorry for all the quotation marks! But I find them necessary when quoting idiots and examining what they like to call their “ideas.”) How do they wind up running the show?

Think about this hypothetically. Your 12-year-old daughter wants to be a pole dancer at a “men’s club” because she learned in school that this was a really cool thing to do, and her, uh, “teacher” told her she could make a lot of money. You, the parents, say “No, Trixie, you can’t be a pole dancer at the men’s club…” Well, under the proposed new law, your decision would be…ta-dah! Child abuse!

This is your Democrat Party at work. Why it still exists is a mystery to me.

‘Disinformation Governance Board’ Finally Scuttled


Sayonara, Ministry of Truth!

Months after the Dept. of Homeland Security “paused” it, the new Disinformation Governance Bureau (aka “Ministry of Truth”) has been terminated (

Hmm… now why did they get rid of it?

I’m just guessing, mind you: but Senate Republicans have demanded “all relevant documents” pertaining to the Ministry of Truth… and rather than turn them over for examination, Democrats deep-sixed the potential source of acute embarrassment.

Historical note: When Scipio Africanus and his family were accused of and tried for assorted mischief in their government of Syria, Scipio angrily tore up all the records in front of the Senate. This led to his lifelong banishment from Rome.

Can’t investigate what’s been put through the shredder!

Has The Regime given up on censoring its critics, silencing them, shutting down dissent? Well, they didn’t really need the Disinformation Board to do that, did they? And they know that now.

Beware. They’re going to learn to be sneakier.