Pelosi to Step Down?

Nancy Pelosi Says That Mask-less Hair Appointment Was a “Setup” | Vanity  Fair

My view numbers are totally underwater today, so let’s have some political nooze. I was outdoors today, in the perishing heat, to write a piece of my new book, The Witch Box, and I ground out a Newswithviews column. Now I might as well report some nooze.

Will Nancy Pelosi step down as Speaker of the House and not seek re-election? Rumors to that effect have just emerged ( The sources are Atlantic Magazine and the California Globe.

Yeah–promises, promises. Then again, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has resigned–and I didn’t think he would. Are Democrats trying to unload some of their biggest liabilities before next year’s mid-term elections?

Scuttlebutt has it that Pelosi, anticipating that Democrats will get creamed in those elections (promises, promises), and having no desire to serve in the minority, is seriously considering hanging up her spikes.

Oh, but this is too good to be true! Next thing, they’ll be telling us Chuck Schumer is about to take the noon balloon. There have been rumors before, last year and earlier this year, that Pelosi would leave Congress–and they never panned out.

Did I mention that Gavin Newsom’s chances of surviving the recall election for governor of California… are looking rather slim?

I consider it likely that, if there’s anything to these rumors, it’s only because the Dems have in mind someone even worse to replace Pelosi. How about Hunter Biden? He’d be a great fit.

Maybe we should be asking, “Whom does Xi Jin Ping want as Speaker?”

America will never be safe for as long as the Democrat Party remains viable.

When College Praised ‘Dissent’

A history of free speech on campus

Sometimes you couldn’t tell the difference between free speech and stuff you’d better say if you knew what was good for you.

In 1967 I entered Rutgers University’s freshman orientation, the theme of which–till you had it coming out your nose–was “dissent.” You had to plow through a long and turgid reading list, every page of which celebrated “dissent.”

It was the supreme civic virtue, the acme of morality. It was an end in itself, something sought after, prized, and exalted.

What a load of crap.

Most of us never realized that by “dissent” they meant line by line, word by word, precept upon precept agreement with left-wing professors. The big issue, of course, was the Vietnam War. Democrats started it and then expanded it; but once they had a Republican in the White House, the Democrats wanted the war to be lost. So they did everything they could to raise up an anti-war movement for what used to be their war but was now Richard Nixon’s–and therefor had to be lost.

And they offered us a lot of extra goodies–sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. And told us what a great and good and wise generation we were. All that dissent! They shook their heads in awe of us. They were only faking, but a lot of us never caught on.

If anyone ever tried to “dissent” from the anti-war good-time-hippie left–whoa, back off! I knew campus leftids who would’ve shot you for dissenting from them in any way. How dare you! I saw them come down on people. It was nasty.

And now, forty-some years later, we’re back to all that. Their goal back then was to get the Democrat Party back into power. Now their goal is Power Forever, no matter what it costs. If they have to foment a race war and burn the country down in order to get it, fine–they’ve got no problem with that.

And now, as then, the heart of darkness is the colleges; and now the grade and high schools, too. They lust for power, and don’t bother to ask them, “Power to do what?”

You don’t really want to know.

Giuliani: ‘We Will Prove It’

Rudy Giuliani Reenacts A Scene From 'My Cousin Vinny' During Press  Conference - Digg

We’ve just spent a good block of time watching Rudy Giuliani’s press conference live on YouTube.

In a nutshell: the schiff has hit the fan, and we’re going to win.

What we have here is not only the theft of America’s 2020 presidential election, but foreign tampering in elections all over the globe. It reminded me of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is a pivotal moment in history. It is also the most massive and the most audacious crime ever committed.

Without the fraud, and I do mean massive fraud, President Donald Trump won re-election by a landslide. An almost unimaginable fraud had to be perpetrated to create the illusion that Biden and the Democrats had won.

And our Free & Independent Nooze Media were willing partners in the crime–a crime against America itself, and every citizen of these United States.

Why were America’s votes being counted in foreign countries (Germany and Spain), on voting machines noted for their corrupt software and owned by Venezuelan dictators? Does that look innocent to you?

To say nothing of, for instance, a dump of 186,000 ballots after the polls were closed–every single one of which had been made out for Biden. That, said lawyer Sidney Powell, “was like flipping a coin and having it come up heads 186,000 times in a row. It was impossible.”

But that’s only scratching the surface. The president’s legal team has collected overwhelming evidence of astonishingly widespread fraud. Try to watch the video yourselves: there’s too much here for me to cover in a blog post. The scale of this crime will appall you.

This travesty of an election will be overturned.

Libs Break All 10 Commandments–on Purpose

See the source image

Some people think ideological differences don’t matter much. I say they do: because, deep down, they are religious differences.

Throughout the Western world, the Left stands against each and every one of the Ten Commandments–opposes them as a matter of both ideology and applied policy. In America, that would be the Far Left’s political apparatus, the Democrat Party and the nooze and “entertainment” media.

Take the Commandments one by one, and see.

One, “No other gods before me.” How many Democrats have you heard prattle that there are “many ways to God,” and all of them are equal? They boo God’s name at their national convention, and often insist that the gods of all religions are all the same god.

Two, prohibition against making a graven image and bowing down to it. Uh, smart phone, anyone? Technology as the answer to everything? “Whoever dies with the most stuff, wins”? Granted, it’s not only libs who do this. Materialism is borne of Original Sin, and we all have that.

Three, don’t take the Lord’s name in vain. As we speak, there are groups of “pro-choice clergy” who  blaspheme God’s name by declaring that abortion is His work.  I would be astonished if even one of these were a Republican.

Four, keep the Sabbath Day holy. If any even halfway serious effort were made to do this as a matter of law, Schumer & Co. would fight it tooth and nail. And when was the last time you saw a de-Christianizing initiative that Democrats didn’t lead?

Five, honor thy father and mother. You’re kidding, right? Isn’t that supposed to be honor your two dads, two moms, or whatever? Since the French Revolution, the Left has been trying to wipe out the family.

Six, thou shalt not kill. Can you say “Planned Parenthood”?

Seven, thou shalt not commit adultery. It only hurts when I laugh. Liberals, especially the ones in Hollywood, are crazy about adultery. Don’t take my word for it. Turn on your TV set or go to a movie, and see.

Eight, thou shalt not steal. Which they take to mean, “Let the government do it for you.” And what leftid doesn’t say it’s OK to steal from “the rich”–as long as you’re not sneaking into their own guarded and gated communities and stealing their stuff.

Nine, thou shalt not bear false witness. Again, a sin that crosses all boundaries: but it was the Democrat Obama administration that ponied up for a scurrilous fake “dossier” on Donald Trump and used it to get a court order to spy on his campaign: paid for it with public funds.

Ten, thou shalt not covet. If coveting other people’s goods is not what Bernie Sanders is all about, I don’t know what is. Name a Democrat who doesn’t whip up envy and covetousness with class warfare rhetoric.

Again, there are Republicans who fit this description just fine. But they are not very well loved by the Republican voting base, and I don’t know how they stay in office. It would be a good thing to get rid of them.

And if you’re a liberal and you really don’t like the way this shoe pinches–well, how much would it hurt to reconsider some of your positions?

Hillary Donates $800,000 to Antifa Rioters

Image result for images of antifa rioters

Didn’t I tell you? Those black-masked thugs of Antifa, who torch buildings, overturn cars, and beat people up, who riot to shut down towns and college campuses–the Democrat Party owns them. In fact, the Democrats fund them.

And Hillary Clinton, presidential wannabe, seems to have dumped a cool $800,000 into Antifa’s coffers, according to filings of the Federal Elections Commission (

Madame Hillary has taken $800 G’s out of her presidential campaign money and funneled it into several Far Left groups closely tied to Antifa, through her Super PAC, “Onward Together.” Don’t you love that name? Antifa, by the way, is classed by the Dept. of Homeland Security as “a domestic terrorist organization.” And as Hillary says, in a message to her PAC’s donors, “We’re working behind the scene…” Boy, is she ever!

What I want to know is why Hillary–and other Democrat money-movers who doubtless do the same–isn’t held responsible for the personal and property damage wreaked by Antifa. Surely there must be some kind of law against contributing money to a domestic terrorist organization?

Sure, we know that Clintons always get away with everything and are never, ever held accountable: it’s one of the perks of being big-name Democrats. But why isn’t she being sued by persons, businesses, and communities damaged by Antifa? Why isn’t she in jail?

If this isn’t sedition, I don’t know what is.

Dem Jihad Fizzles Again

Image result for images of tantrum

Despite pouring $30 million into the most expensive House campaign in U.S. history, the Democrats’ “Trump Slayer” John Ossoff has lost, 53%-47%, to Republican Karen Handel. (  That’s four special elections in a row won by Republicans since Donald Trump’s election as president. 4-0, GOP.

Our unreliable confidential sources have told us that “all that dough from Hollywood just went up in smoke” and that the Democrats’ new campaign slogan–“Vote for our guy or we’ll kill you!”–doesn’t seem to have quite caught on with most Americans.

“We were very careful about framing our slogan,” said the source. “We rejected a couple of what we thought were really good ones. ‘Submit or Die.’ ‘Only We Can Save the Planet.’ We didn’t even use ‘We Were With Her.’ And dammit, that one rhymed!”

Something about the perpetual Democrat tantrum just isn’t working, the source admitted. “I don’t think we’re scaring people enough,” he said. “Maybe we should’ve gone with ‘Vote Democrat or the Boogie Man Will Get You.'”

The next step, he suggested, might be to “torch the house and car of anyone who might be tempted to run as a Republican. We have a federal judge somewhere who says it would be legal for us to do that.”

Why Are Libs So Awful?

Image result for images of violent liberals

The noozies are trying to pass off yesterday’s shooting attack on Republican Congressmen as a mere aberration demonstrating the need for more gun control laws, like the kind the killer broke in preparing for his murder spree.

But we know–don’t we?–that this attempted mass assassination was preceded by innumerable calls for violence on the part of Democrat “opinion shapers” in the media and Hollywood. Townhall columnist John Hawkins has collected a sample of twenty of these remarks, with their authors identified by name ( Warning: most of the comments he collected contain vile language.

He doesn’t mention former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a few months ago, suggesting that now would be a good time for more “blood in the streets” ( Well, Loretta, yesterday you got some. Satisfied?

So they’re up there urging their fellow psychos to attack everyone who isn’t them, because “the Russians stole the election” and this is “#TheResistance,” blah-blah. And surely you could not have failed to notice, yesterday, the leftids on the social media rejoicing that one of their number had the spunk to try to murder a whole bunch of Republicans.

But they’re always saying stuff like that. Whenever anyone opposes them in any way, they come out in force, wishing that this person and everyone in his or her family die slow and painful deaths, etc.

What makes them so awful? It’s easy to explain. Their awfulness is the direct consequence of things they believe.

What things?

*That even liberals of embarrassingly modest intellectual resources are way, way smarter than even the most brilliant conservative. No kidding–they think they’re all geniuses, and if you don’t acknowledge them as such, they fly into a genuine rage. It makes them very capable of the violence they routinely display, these days.

*That even liberals of the most depraved moral status, guilty of foul and base behavior, as long as they support liberal shibboleths like abortion and homosexual pseudomarriage, are infinitely more righteous than the deplorables who don’t support those things. Indeed, that makes them so very righteous, it frees them from any constraints of conscience.

Their “smartness,” and your stubborn, ungrateful, and stupid refusal to defer to it; and their total righteousness, compared to your wicked opposition to all things deemed desirable and good by liberals (like gender reassignment surgery, f’rinstance)–just those two beliefs alone account for what we see and hear.

And based on what I see and hear and read from liberals, they’re getting worse, not better.

They’ll kill us all, if that’s what it takes for them to get what they want.


Liberalism on the Rampage

This just in: the suspect in this morning’s shooting attack on Republican Congressmen has died in the hospital after being shot by Capitol Police (

According to The New York Times, this nut was “distraught” over the election of Donald Trump as president and “deeply connected to liberal politics.” Ya think?

Let’s see, now… What can be expected to happen when a whole national political party devotes every waking moment to denouncing a president, wildly claiming that his policies will bring about the end of the world, urging every American to “join #The Resistance,” glorifying rioters on college campuses, and exhorting foreign intelligence agencies to engineer a coup against the president? What do you suppose day after day after day of this will bring about?

Judging only by what they say and do, Democrats simply don’t care what damage they do to our country as long as they can destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. They don’t care who it hurts. They proceed with what law courts call a reckless disregard for the truth.

Something like this incident today was bound to happen. Anyone could have foreseen it.

Are liberals satisfied now–or do they demand more bloodshed?

Their subsequent behavior will answer that question.

I don’t expect a righteous answer.

Too Gross Even for Satanists

Note: this is not a satire.

The “Church” of Satan has disavowed CNN unfunny comic Kathy Griffin’s ha-ha sham beheading of President Donald Trump (

I will not post that image here. If you want to see it, go to the Drudge Report.

So this little “comedy” stunt was a bit too revolting even for Satanists. Can you dig it? The Democrats are so far off the deep end, they’re even losing the Satanists.

The “comic” has issued the usual boilerplate apology for her actions, claiming she’s not a violent person.

Uh… yes you are. You just proved it.

Do they honestly, truly believe they’re going to win over the hearts and minds of normal people–when they can’t even win the Satanists!–with behavior like this? With riots, threats, actual violence, crazy language, and all the rest of the garbage in their bag of tricks? “Wow! The picture of Kathy holding up the bloody severed head of Donald Trump sure has convinced me that I should’ve voted for Hillary! I can’t wait for the next election! You can bet I’ll be voting Democrat!” Is that how liberals think it works? Because they sure are acting like they think this is the way to charm America.

They must never, never, never be permitted to take power in America, ever again. Never again.

Because they are telling us who they really are and what they’d like to do to us, if they ever get the chance.

So You Still Don’t Think the Libs are Crazy?

So it’s come to this–Democrat motormouth Keith Olbermann is calling on foreign intelligence agencies to overthrow the president of the United States.

I hope you don’t mind the commentary by one E.T. Williams, who is probably one of those racists that we hear so much about. He just doesn’t like black people.

Anyhow, here’s Olbermann intoning, “This is the Resistance” and exhorting foreign countries to overthrow our government. Oh, and also “the world’s journalists.” I thought the world’s journalists were already trying to do that. Maybe Keith hasn’t noticed.

All right, Mr. Melonhead–let’s say a bunch of foreign spy networks succeed in ousting our elected president, whatever that might entail. Let’s even say they manage to do it without touching off a civil war. Then what?

Oh, I know, I know! Whoever stages the latest revolution gets to be president for a while, until he’s overthrown by someone else. That model has worked so very well for all the countries that have tried it! I mean, who needs peace, order, stability, a rule of law, prosperity, or personal security?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Democrat Party to disown this guy.