Comment Contest–Winner Today?

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I’m excited, Binky the Dog is excited–that makes two of us, at least.

Comment No. 10,000 is a big milestone for this blog, and whoever posts it wins an autographed copy of one of my books. Originally the prize was going to be the Panama Canal, but our legal department botched that deal.

Anyone can play, and any comment will suffice, except for the following: remarks abusive to me or to another reader, blasphemy, remarks that make use of the f-bomb or other profanity, comments that are really thinly disguised commercials and an insult to our intelligence, or, finally, comments that are simply too inane to bother with. Aside from that, anything goes. Somebody (she knows who she is!) once won a book just by saying “Ugh!”

Come on! Only 15 comments to go!

Note: The Throne isn’t out yet, but if that’s the prize you want, I’ll reserve a copy for you.

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