Party’s Over for Global Warming Mob

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Oops! Can’t ‘hide the decline’ anymore!

Just when they thought they had us where they want us–

Just as they were poised to take away our air conditioners, our refrigerators, and our freedom: all to Save The Planet, of course–

Just as they were set to raise our taxes through the roof–

Along comes a bunch of NASA satellite data that suggests that “Global Warming” has been caused not by the common people failing to live like medieval peasants, but by vast natural processes of nature that no government, no matter how powerful, can control: to wit, El Nino. ( )

When El Nino comes, it warms the Pacific Ocean and causes overland temperatures to rise throughout the world. When it goes, the temperatures fall.

You won’t hear about this from any nooze media in America. The British media don’t like the story, but report it anyway: for which we salute them.

The scientist–I hardly know what that word means, anymore–heading NASA’s Climate Research unit doesn’t like the story, either, and is fighting a last-ditch defense of Man-Made Climate Change. It is reliably reported that when Donald Trump takes office, he means to do away with the $1.9 billion fun pak budgeted for that unit. Maybe NASA can get back to exploring outer space, one of these days.

Now, do we know what causes El Nino? Do we know what makes it stop? Nope, not really. The Pacific Ocean is the largest single geographic feature on the earth, and it will take us centuries, if not millenia, to find out all there is to know about it.

But we do know that giving government vast new powers to interfere with our lives, and staggering amounts of our hard-earned money so they can set up new bureaucracies and provide hefty pensions to their henchmen–we do know that no amount of taxation or tyranny can influence El Nino. It comes when it comes and it goes when it goes.

Need we say it one more time? Global Warming, Climate Change, is the biggest hoax, the biggest scam, in all world history, a breathtakingly ambitious p0wer grab by persons who already have more power than is good for us.

8 comments on “Party’s Over for Global Warming Mob

  1. Imagine that! The stupid “deplorables” turn out to be right after all. Seems that God is in control of all things on earth, under the earth and above the earth. What a jolt to the “wise ones”. The Creator of darkness and light has it all in His hands. (Isa. 45:7)

  2. From the standpoint of a Christian, the biblical flood explains a lot, and in geologic terms that happened yesterday. While mainstream science attempts to marginalize them, there exists a community of degreed scientists that believe in Intelligent Design, believe the bible and believe the flood account.

    Geologists tend to ascribe to a philosophy known as uniformitarianism, which teaches that geologic processes have been steady. Catastrophic explanations are avoided. But a flood that involved not only copious rainfall, but also water springing from beneath would have drastically altered everything on the surface of the ground. When we see stratified layers of rock with severe bends in them it makes much more sense if these upheavals took place when those layers were soft sediment.

    The fact is, we cannot know much about the pre-flood world and as a result, our assessment of the post-flood world is based upon very sketchy data, at best. If one had absolute amnesia and began to store retrievable memories the morning after a hurricane, one’s perceptions of weather and climate would be wildly inaccurate. I don’t believe that we can know what is normal and what is not.

    While I do not endorse his views on Young Earth Creation, Kent Hovind has a wonderful theory regarding the ice caps having been much larger after the flood and the earth slowly warming thereafter with steadily rising sea levels. It makes much sense and explains the dispersions of human, animal and plant life to the far flung corners of the earth, including islands that are isolated and all but unreachable until the last few hundred years. It also explains why geographically separated ethnic groups share customs, rituals, etc.

    With the above in mind, I can’t even begin to take climate change theories seriously. They are little more than speculation and are based upon on a version of history that I can’t accept as being true.

  3. The ozone layer hoax was a dry run for the global warming hoax. The models of real scientists can be replicated. The models of fake scientists cannot – and do not and therein lies the, well, lies.

    1. Good call. The ozone thing was an absolute hoax, but refrigerant is exponentially more expensive and not nearly as efficient as R-12 was. Refrigerant is actually very important to civilization. Without refirigeration there would be a lot of hungry people.

    2. To augment my own reply. All of these notions are, at their core, anti-human. The goal,is to reduce the population, which is the opposite of God’s command to the first couple.

    3. NASA’s satellites show very little warming and their satellite imagery revealed proof of climate engineering, on which the false claims of climate alarmists and fake scientists rely, and which also goes to de-population. Climate is not weather. The Bray (Hallstatt) cycle suggests, with compelling evidence, that the solar cycle is causing the climate cycle. CO2 increases and decreases on its own God-given cycle; increasing to green our fertile land and vegetation, and decreasing through the atmosphere in order to self-stabilize. Again, starving people is part of the de-pop agenda. You are certainly right about that! Meterologist Joe Bastardi revealed key charts that show fossil fuels are the way to prosper. I agree – God gave us fossil fuel, not wind farms and not ethanol. Of course, He probably expected us to clean up its pollutants which Big Oil never did, despite having the technology and money. I also read in Physics Today that land use change drives climate change and we know our fertile soil has been neglected for decades.

    4. Agreed. Conscientious behavior demands responsibility and much has been done in that direction already. But the global warming alarmists essentially are going to mandate an end to civilization as we know it. They don’t seem to have thought this through far enough to realize how it will affect them personally.

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