My Back is Back

Twenty-four hours ago I could hardly raise an eyebrow without pain shooting through my lower back. But now I’m pretty much back to normal.

I thank all of you who prayed for me yesterday. I don’t think my prayer request was up an hour before I started to feel better.

Well, we who belong to God know Our Father answers prayers. Not always in the way that we expect–sometimes He gives us much better than what we’ve asked for. We all know this from experience, don’t we?

To God be the glory, to God be the praise!

6 comments on “My Back is Back

    1. PS: Wow, LD – aren’t YOU special! The next time I need prayers, I’m posting on your site where the people are blessed – just kidding (about the posting). God has answered many of my prayers since I was a toddler. The one He still hasn’t answered is the prayer to win the lottery – big time, so I can help to give more – any takers? LOL, again just kidding. But I frequently remind Him in my daily prayers that “I don’t love money” – just in case…

    2. Sometimes (not this time) what we think would be blessings, and which we very much desire, God withholds from us: and years later we see that they wouldn’t have been real blessings, after all. God had a reason for not making me a rich and famous writer. My wife knows what that reason was: “You would have become obnoxious and insufferable.” It took a long time before I was ready to write in His service, and not for my own self-aggrandizement.

      I’m sure everyone can think of prayers we made that God was very wise and merciful not to answer.

    3. Obnoxious and insufferable are not sins. Besides, maybe nobody prayed for you to be rich and famous. Nevertheless, you are famous on the internet and with your novels. Shall we pray for you to be rich too, since we’re on a roll – just kidding, again. Just another thought, if you don’t mind, but God usually gives someone something for the benefit of others (even though healing you benefited those who prayed for you), so maybe he healed you to get your books in the bookstores – hmm? He loves a hard worker.

    4. I can’t complain about the way God has always provided for us here at Chez Leester. We’ve never been rich. I wouldn’t mind trying it sometime, but I don’t need to have it.

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