Rejoice in God’s Handiwork

Some years ago, I interviewed the famous paleontologist, Bob Bakker; and he said something I’ll never forget. He asked, “Can you imagine the fun God had, creating all these things?”

I know I’ve showcased this critter before, but it is the largest land mammal that we know of, and one of my all-time favorite prehistoric animals. It has a lot of different scientific names. Just think of it as the great beast that King Ryons rode to the rescue of Obann: that’s in The Thunder King.

Please feel free to ignore this video’s Darwinian trappings. I show you this beast so you can stand up and cheer what God has done. And no one can say God has failed to give us an abundance of material in which to exercise our minds!

So where are these animals now? Why can’t we see them?

Well, we don’t know. All we know is that God created them, pronounced them “good” when He was finished, and has the entire universe at His disposal.

And I expect to see these creatures someday, in God’s own time.

2 comments on “Rejoice in God’s Handiwork

  1. Indeed, we leave on a corrupted version of God’s creation. I likewise expect to see some interesting things when all is restored. I suspect tat the biggest creatures may be on hold in this era of predation. When all the animals were subject to man some of these huge critters were no problem, but under current circumstances . . . let’s just say that I’m glad there aren’t ant T-Rex running around in the wild. 🙂

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