Idiot University: It’s OK to be Racist If You’re Anti-White

Just in case you needed any more proof to convince you that America’s university system is over-funded, over-attended, and corrupt beyond repair, Cal State San Marcos is holding a “Whiteness Forum” guaranteed to lop 50 points off your IQ and teach you to hate people who never did you any harm ( ).

“Educators” are always yammering about “racism,” but as is always the case with liberals, it’s an exercise in projection: what they accuse their targets of doing, they do themselves.

This is the usual ranting against anyone and everyone who happens to be white–except, of course, overpaid college perfessers and administrators, etc. It’s chock-full of bunk: railing against “white hegemonic ideals of the beauty industry,” and “law is a tool used by dominant groups… to maintain their privileged position over subordinate groups,” and “Gentrification is the new Colonialism.”  So suddenly we don’t need law? And beauty is bad? And cleaning up an urban hellhole is bad? They’ll just go on and on about it, if you let them.

Why anyone would send their sons and daughters to have their minds pumped so full of hate-filled pure crapola is a mystery to me. It’s a sin to stir up strife, but in the minds of left-wing loons, sin is virtue and virtue is sin.

Persons who love and respect their children do not send them to a public university.

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  1. Yeah, argumentum ad populum- every day, everywhere. However, this position leaves truth out of it. They still think, there is your truth, then there is my truth. ha, doesn’t work that way.

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