‘Chomsky: Christians Want to “Destroy the World”‘ (2018)

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If leftids couldn’t talk projection, they’d have nothing to say at all. So we find persons who hate everybody else accusing everybody else of being haters.

So of course Noam Chomsky, a commie long past his sell-by date, is going to accuse Christians of wanting to “destroy the world.” Because that’s what he would like to do.

Chomsky: Christians Want to ‘Destroy the World’

And you’ve got to wonder about that St. Olaf’s College. If you took out the days on which they practiced some form of apostasy, you’d wind up with an empty calendar. It’s too bad the real St. Olaf isn’t here to give them what-for–and he’d know how to do it, too.

Leftids Go Ballistic Over SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-Tartarus) was only one of very many libs who went into orbit when it was leaked that the Supreme Court had ruled against Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that “legalized” abortion… without any legislation.

Warren’s outburst was typical,. “I am angry! I am angry that an extremist Supreme Court thinks they can impose–”

Whoa! How many times have Democrats run to the courts to impose something on the country that didn’t have a ghost of a chance of getting passed as legislation? But if these people weren’t allowed to do projection, they wouldn’t be able to talk at all.

This much passion ginned up for… well, for killing babies! To spend so much passion for an evil thing compounds the evil. Are these people quite all there? Some of them sound like they might be possessed. Fauxcahontas certainly does.

Remember–we are talking about an overpaid jidrool who got by for years pretending she was a native American, until a DNA test proved that that was crap. She’s no more an Indian than Angela Merkel. So she’s going to levitate and spin her head around while waving her fists in the air–all for abortion?

And do they honestly think that if they turn this into THE ISSUE, that everybody else is going to forget about gas prices, inflation, Afghanistan, our ruptured border, sky-high crime rates, lockdowns–just forget about it all and vote for Democrats because we’re all totally committed to abortion it’s the biggest thing in our lives and if they take it away from us we’re gonna burn this country down–[pant, pant]! This is going to endear them to the voters?

I admit it: these people scare me. They’d clap a 1930s Stalin regime onto us at the drop of a hat, if they could. They hate us, hate our country, and even hate our God. And they’re the ones who want to outlaw hate. Ah, projection!

May God deliver us out of their hands.

Dem Senator Accuses GOP of ‘Sedition and Treason’

Cynthia (Jeanne) Jeanne Shaheen | TheHill

Projection–the art of accusing other people of doing what you’ve done, or plan to do–is one of those things that Democrats do best.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) has accused Republican senators, who question the fraudulent election of China Joe Biden as president, of actions “bordering on sedition and treason” (https://theusawire.com/2020/12/39827-dem-sen-jeanne-shaheen-accuses-gop-members-bordering-sedition-treason/).

She declares the election “a free and fair election.” I’m surprised she wasn’t struck by lightning, saying that. Republicans who question the election, she added, “should be sanctioned.”

But of course cooking up a phony Russia hoax and bogus impeachment, and pursuing it for the better part of a year–ah, heck, no sedition there!

President Trump raked in over 70 million votes last month. Democrats insist China Joe got 80 million. This is a towering lie. Let’s see some of those Biden voters! Hundreds of thousands of them, if not millions, were computer-generated–not real. The computers also switched thousands of Trump votes to Biden.

We are supposed to let them get away with stealing an election. The evidence of fraud and cheating has been piled as high as the sky. No rational person, no one who is not an ignoramus, can deny it. And so they tell us, yeah, okay, there was a little tiny bit of fraud but nowhere near enough to affect the outcome of the election.

So we are expected to tolerate “some” fraud in our elections? Some? How much is some? Why should we tolerate any fraud at all? And not only tolerate it, but reward it?

This travesty of an election is the most grievous crime ever committed against the United States, and it must not stand.

Go ahead, Jeanne–launch some treason trials. Surely you’ve got enough corrupt, partisan judges for that. Go ahead and ruin our republic. Go ahead and try.

Idiot University: It’s OK to be Racist If You’re Anti-White

Just in case you needed any more proof to convince you that America’s university system is over-funded, over-attended, and corrupt beyond repair, Cal State San Marcos is holding a “Whiteness Forum” guaranteed to lop 50 points off your IQ and teach you to hate people who never did you any harm ( http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/30248/ ).

“Educators” are always yammering about “racism,” but as is always the case with liberals, it’s an exercise in projection: what they accuse their targets of doing, they do themselves.

This is the usual ranting against anyone and everyone who happens to be white–except, of course, overpaid college perfessers and administrators, etc. It’s chock-full of bunk: railing against “white hegemonic ideals of the beauty industry,” and “law is a tool used by dominant groups… to maintain their privileged position over subordinate groups,” and “Gentrification is the new Colonialism.”  So suddenly we don’t need law? And beauty is bad? And cleaning up an urban hellhole is bad? They’ll just go on and on about it, if you let them.

Why anyone would send their sons and daughters to have their minds pumped so full of hate-filled pure crapola is a mystery to me. It’s a sin to stir up strife, but in the minds of left-wing loons, sin is virtue and virtue is sin.

Persons who love and respect their children do not send them to a public university.