Vintage Fake News: The Ford Pinto Scandal

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Democrats in America, and left-wing loons in Europe, are lustily singing the blues, these days, over “fake news” that supposedly has tricked the people in their countries into falling out of love with their DeLuxe Globalist Fun-Pak of open borders, perpetual expansion of the government, and the invention of assorted thought crimes that need to be punished by the government. They’re pressuring Facebook and other social media, and lobbying for new laws against “fake news.”

“Fake news” is, it seems, news that is not provided by the Left’s bought-and-paid-for henchmen in the “mainstream” (LOL) nooze media–which has been cranking out phony, misleading, and just plain lying nooze for decades. While few noozies can hope to match the towering lies told by The New York Times’ Walter Duranty in defense of Josef Stalin’s workers’ paradise in Russia, he has had more imitators than you can shake a stick at.

A really big piece of journalistic fraud, now mostly forgotten, was the “exploding Ford Pinto” reportage of the 1970s which, before it was exposed as fraud, spawned journalistic attacks on other car companies ( ). Man, they all climbed aboard! NBC, CBS, and ABC. Dateline. 60 Minutes. 20/20–all the major nooze shows were accusing auto manufacturers of selling cars they knew to be death-traps.

And they had exploding car video to prove it. Exploding car video obtained by installing incendiary devices in cars and blowing them up on purpose, sabotaging brakes, drilling holes in the transmission–all sorts of little journalistic tricks designed to get the kind of video the noozies wanted.Even the National Highway Traffic Safety Board chided the alleged journalists for basing their reports on, at best, “abnormal test conditions and unrealistic maneuvers.” And that was when they weren’t hiding rockets in the trunk.

So, yeah, “fake news” has been with us for a long time–and the nooze media who are complaining about it the loudest have been among the guiltiest purveyors of it.

As a simple rule of thumb: any “news” report that benefits left-wing political causes is almost certain to be false.

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  1. And they wonder why the American people do not trust them? They think we are supposed to idolize their royal highnesses. I don’t think so. I quit
    watching them a number of years ago. I don’t enjoy the feeling of nausea.

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