No Last-Minute Supreme Court Caper

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Today’s noon deadline has come and gone, and it looks like The Worst President Ever chickened out of making a quickie recess appointment to the Supreme Court, in the few seconds he had between the end of the current Congress and the beginning of the new one.

A lot of libs were egging him on to this act of political vandalism, and judging by past performance, no hint of impropriety, impracticality, or just being not all there, could have restrained him. Heck, the quickie appointment would have been good for a whole year–a whole year of mischief, some of which could have damaged the country for a long time to come. One more Obama judge on the Supreme Court, and it would’ve been “All children under 16 are now over 16,” “Our national language is now Arabic,” and whatever else might have tickled the fancy of a left-wing majority.

The beauty of it, as libs saw it, was that the Senate wouldn’t have the opportunity to confirm it or reject it.

Who can know what held him back from doing this? Was it Democrat senators coming up for re-election in 2018 pleading with him not to do a dirty trick that they would have to pay for? Crikey, he could’ve appointed Hillary Clinton!

Well, whatever the reason, he chickened out of adding this one more boulder to the heap of rocks he’s piled on America. He’s probably kicking himself already.

May he and his mob regret it forever.

The Liberals’ Book of Lamentations

Liberals don’t believe in God, but that doesn’t stop them from believing. Left-wing politics is their religion, and it mimics Christianity. It has a Supreme Being: the government. It has priests: the teacher unions. It has sacraments: abortion, same-sex “marriage,” and Sunday nooze shows.

And it has a kind of pseudo-Bible, too, with Darwin in the place of Moses, and major prophets like Marx, John Dewey, Kinsey, Margaret Sanger, etc.

What we are seeing unfold before our eyes is the creation of a liberal Book of Lamentations.

They still can’t believe they lost the election. Open borders, transgender bathrooms, Common Core, globalism, an Attorney General empowered to investigate “Climate Change Denial”–it simply isn’t possible that the American people could have rejected all those blessings!

So now they’ve identified the cause of this calamity. The Russians hacked our voting machines and swung the election to Donald Trump! It never could’ve happened otherwise! And they put out all that fake news about poor Hillary!

Just you watch: this will all go down in liberal history as sacred narrative, rock-solid truth–and this from people who are always babbling about “your truth” and “my truth,” only somehow their truth is always supposed to win. It will all be written down, and passed on to posterity. Their children and grandchildren, the ones that haven’t been aborted, will inherit it. And anyone who questions it had better duck.

It’ll be fun to see what they wind up writing about Anthony Weiner. That ought to be a hoot.

Vintage Fake News: The Ford Pinto Scandal

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Democrats in America, and left-wing loons in Europe, are lustily singing the blues, these days, over “fake news” that supposedly has tricked the people in their countries into falling out of love with their DeLuxe Globalist Fun-Pak of open borders, perpetual expansion of the government, and the invention of assorted thought crimes that need to be punished by the government. They’re pressuring Facebook and other social media, and lobbying for new laws against “fake news.”

“Fake news” is, it seems, news that is not provided by the Left’s bought-and-paid-for henchmen in the “mainstream” (LOL) nooze media–which has been cranking out phony, misleading, and just plain lying nooze for decades. While few noozies can hope to match the towering lies told by The New York Times’ Walter Duranty in defense of Josef Stalin’s workers’ paradise in Russia, he has had more imitators than you can shake a stick at.

A really big piece of journalistic fraud, now mostly forgotten, was the “exploding Ford Pinto” reportage of the 1970s which, before it was exposed as fraud, spawned journalistic attacks on other car companies ( ). Man, they all climbed aboard! NBC, CBS, and ABC. Dateline. 60 Minutes. 20/20–all the major nooze shows were accusing auto manufacturers of selling cars they knew to be death-traps.

And they had exploding car video to prove it. Exploding car video obtained by installing incendiary devices in cars and blowing them up on purpose, sabotaging brakes, drilling holes in the transmission–all sorts of little journalistic tricks designed to get the kind of video the noozies wanted.Even the National Highway Traffic Safety Board chided the alleged journalists for basing their reports on, at best, “abnormal test conditions and unrealistic maneuvers.” And that was when they weren’t hiding rockets in the trunk.

So, yeah, “fake news” has been with us for a long time–and the nooze media who are complaining about it the loudest have been among the guiltiest purveyors of it.

As a simple rule of thumb: any “news” report that benefits left-wing political causes is almost certain to be false.

‘I Talk to the Rocks’


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Hollywood air-heads like to make fun of people who believe in God–and then they go out and satirize themselves.

Lena Dunham, star of some TV show that nobody watches, stood up in front of this year’s Democrat Convention and called Hillary Clinton the defender of women who have suffered sexual harassment–one of the two or three biggest whoppers ever told in public in the Western Hemisphere. Her fellow libs, thousands of them, stood up and cheered.

You wonder if even they could have believed that.

Well, we hear Lena is all bummed out that the former captain of the Bimbo Eruption Squad and chief executive of the Clinton crime family didn’t win last week’s election. So, naturally, this humble woman of the people betakes herself to the posh resort at Sedona, Arizona… where she talks to the rocks ( ).

In a message to her fans (who are they?), Ms. Dunham informs them that she “whispered some words for you into the big red rock.”

Uh, do the rocks talk back? Well, apparently Lena thinks they do. In the same message, she said she was “asking the Canyon for some guidance.” I wonder what kind of guidance the rocks gave her. Certainly better guidance than she was trying to give the public.

Yes–we, the Christians, we’re the ones who believe in silly things.

Really smart people go out to Sedona and talk to rocks.

Waddayamean, She Lost???

Image result for man horrifiedI am horrafyed, i am beeside my Self, i jist finded it “out” This moarning and i cant Beleave it!! Oman, i was waching “the” news al Day on Electron Day and thare Was Ratchel Maddow and “all them” others and Thay was al saying how Hillery she was “winning” Big-Big-Big, I meen thay all sayed That!!!

Wel OK i got a litle Exited and My Moth Antenners thay begun to Ich somthing awffle and evry boddy else Thay was all exited too, and then I finded me “a” jim sock and so i Ate it i was Hungery and i gess thare must of “been” somthing funnny Abuot “It” becose neckst thing i know, I am Very High, and affter that the neckst “thing” i know is, Its Satterday moarning and evry boddy hear at Collidge thay are Sad and aslo very, “very” Anggery and than thay teling “me” that Donold trump he won the Lection and Hillery she lost!!!!! i jist cant beleave it.

But My prefesser he sayed it is true, “and bill Airs he is” rihgt says my Prefesser, “iff we did Put 20 Million odrinary dum peple into Consternation Camps” then the rest of Them ijjits thay “wuld” Get the Message and Thay wuld “all” shutt Up and let Us Interllecturals at Collidge run The countrye and Hillery she wuld Be Pressadint and yiu know She “wuld” lissen to Our Advise!!

And My prefesser he Says dont worrie “whe wil think Up a “way” to fix al them” dum and stopid peple thay Who hasnt got The sents to doo waht Us Interllecturals we Tel them “to” doo!

But i am jist terrable upset Today.