We has got To Biuld a Sankturairy

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Lets face it things is goin to be Bad untill we Can “get” Hillery to bee ore Pressadint and “untill that” hapens we is going to Need “a” sankturairy like Al them Sankturairy Citties whare Donold Trump he cant De-port nobody. My prefesser “he” says This here Collidge it got to bee our Sankturairy but i sayed No i got a Idea that is Even Better!!

Thare is a iland in the Carob Bean Sea it is caled Madrigasscar and whe Can biuld a sankturairy thare! Madrigasscar it was Dis-covvered by Colombas in 1942 and then It was part of the countree of Hungry for a wile but now Noboddy lives Thare becose it has Got too Crowded!! It is a Big iland i think its abuot 250 Sqware Foot and Whe can go and Live “thare” untill Hillery she “is” Pressadint and then Us Interllecturals we can al “come back” and Take Over!!! Aslo thare Is a grate Big House thare, yiu can See a piture of It up abbove and that wuld Be “ideel” for Smart peple to live in it!

Well My prefesser he sayed Yiu “are a idiat, dont yiu know no jeogriffy, Madriigasscar it is not in the Carob Bean it is In the Medritaranian See and ” thare are Zombees on it!! but i am Pretty Sure he “is” Wrong abuot that becose i Seen the piture! Wel even a Presser he cant Be rihght Al The Time!!

So i has been sining Up other Interllecturals hear at Collidge to go live in Madrigasscar untill Michale More he can get Rid of Donold Trumpt and then Hillery she “wil” be Pressadint and we Can putt al the Racists and Biggits in Jale! I also heared that Our Grate Pressadint Obamma he “was” born in Madrigasscar once after he was born in Americka and he Wil come and vissit Us and aslo Make the Sea Levvels to go down! and i Dont think we whill Has to stay in the Sankturairy very Long “befour” that Trump he Is all gone!!!

See yiu in Madrigasscar!!!

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