Cats vs. the Inexplicable

Ignore the title of this video. These are not “stupid” cats. No–they are cats trying to cope with things that are, well, very hard for them to understand. Clothes dryers and toasters–what sense is a cat supposed to make of them?

BTW, many people report their cats “fold” when they put a harness and leash on them to take them for a walk. But the shoulder harness and leash may trigger the “carry me” reflex that a cat has as a kitten, and his mother wants to carry him in her mouth.

I put a cat harness and leash on my monitor lizard once, so I could take her for a walk; but she bit the harness in half and clearly made known her disdain for the enterprise.

3 comments on “Cats vs. the Inexplicable

  1. They are not stupid, but out of their element. In their natural element, movement usually means something is alive and that usually means either prey, or a predator. Overall, I think that our felines do pretty well in dealing with our complex human world.

  2. The cats in harness may be saying, “ok, if you must, but don’t expect me to make it easy for you.”

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