I’ve Been Polled

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Wow, the Marist College Poll phoned me last night, soliciting my opinion on a myriad of issues.

I got kind of wound up, though, because a lot of the questions weren’t what I’d call honest questions. They contained presuppositions which I just wasn’t buying–and I had to tell them so.

For instance: “Do you consider yourself white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, etc.?” If I considered myself black, would that make me  black?

And then there were a bunch of questions that had to do with “a person in the process of transitioning from one sex to another.” Hold it! I don’t recognize that as a valid category. No matter what they do to you surgically, no matter how stereotypically you try to mimic the other sex, no matter what hormones they shoot you up with–if you’re a man, every single cell in your body will continue to be male, with male chromosomes. But they kept asking, and I had to keep answering, “That is not a valid category, those people are not in fact having their sex changed, it is an imbecility forced on our society by very wicked persons.”

Some of the questions in this poll reflected a deep dishonesty that has crept into our very language, making it extremely difficult to speak the truth, and maybe even impossible, at times.

How dishonest? Let us not forget that some of these pollsters had Hillary Clinton winning big, big, big, right up into Election Night. They lied to themselves, and believed it.

I know a few individuals who lie to themselves. You probably do, too. How does that work out for them?

When Solon the philosopher saw the first play ever put on in Athens, he didn’t like it. When they asked him why not, he said, “All that lying–and in public, too! Now it’s on a stage, but sooner or later it’ll get into our business.”

Lying can be habit-forming. Ask any politician.

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  1. Control the language and you can control dialogue.

    It’s amazing, but our words have unbelievable power, so by choosing words carefully we can influence the perceptions of others, though not always for the good. The language that is used to describe sexual matters has changed significantly in the past few decades and concepts that were not even imagined 50 years ago are introduced by virtue of their inclusion in language.

    Opinions and points of view are embedded in the language. Now that politically correct speech is fashionable, negative opinions are supposedly weeded out. In reality, they aren’t weeded out, it is quite fashionable to speak derisively about people of faith.

    So, as I see it, the matter comes down to propaganda. NewSpeak, the language of ’30s and ’40s Germany, the language of the Cold War; all of these are examples of ways to disseminate propaganda by controlling which words are used. Remember Gary Johnson scolding a reporter for using the term illegal aliens?

    1. Certain of our glorious leaders can’t say “Muslim terrorists.” And look what they’ve done to the word “justice”!

      Lies and B.S. have to be identified as such at every opportunity.

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