The ‘We Was Hacked!’ Defense

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Every bit as good as the “Everybody Does It” Defense, albeit not quite so universally applicable, is the “We Was Hacked!” Defense.

This was pioneered in 2009 when hackers got into the computers at the Climate Change Unit at East Anglia University, UK, and released thousands of confidential emails that proved, beyond even an unreasonable doubt, that the whole Global Warming jihad rested on lies, suppression of data, intimidation of critics, political payoffs, and other misdeeds: the scandal known as “Climategate.” If you don’t know much about it, that’s because the “mainstream” nooze media did their utmost to bury the story.

Here’s the argument: You are not allowed to consider all this chicanery because the information was obtained by hackers. Never mind that if it weren’t for the hackers, we never would have known about it. You have to ignore it, and still believe in Man-Made Climate Change, because… hackers provided all that information and hacking isn’t nice!

The success of this gambit inspired Democrats to resort to it again, after Donald Trump’s election as president. “Russian hackers made us lose! No fair!”

Thanks to hackers, thanks to Wikileaks, we learned some unsavory things about Hillary Clinton and her mob. To wit:

The DNC rigged the Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders. But you’re not allowed to know that.

Big-time “journalists” actively colluded with the Clinton campaign, and some of them were paid for it. But you’re not allowed to know that.

Off camera, candidate Hillary was anything but “presidential”–cursing people out, flying into rages, throwing things at staffers, and drinking herself silly now and then. But you’re not allowed to know that.

And of course there was much, much more, none of it flattering to Team Hillary. But we weren’t supposed to know about it. And we wouldn’t have, if not for hackers.

Consider this bizarre argument. Because the information was put out by hackers, we are expected to disregard the lying, the cheating, the bribery, and the candidate’s profound dishonesty, plus her revolting personality–and goldarn it, that whole election oughta be overturned because the Russians and Wikileaks hacked the Democrats’ emails! All that stuff was supposed to be a secret! No fair, no fair!

Absent from the discussion is any serious attempt to claim the information wasn’t true. Well, that wouldn’t get them very far, would it?

All right, it’s too bad we have to rely on hackers to get the truth about our politicians and our–ahem!–scientists.

But coming from the crowd who praised the stolen “Pentagon Papers” as the greatest act of public spirit since Paul Revere climbed onto his horse, it rings a bit hollow.


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  1. It is to laugh. These people have all of their emotional energy invested in a dream world of imaginary political saviors. It’s much like the mentality of cult members, whom believe that their cult leaders have some magic solution for the ills of the entire world, if only the rest of us would but listen.

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