Unhapy Holladays To yiu!!

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I ame So mad i culd jist abuot Ixplode!!! How come thare Is “this” Electrical Collidge that Gets to desyde Whoo “is” Pressadint??? wehn didd that hapen?? Thare is a prefesser hear he sayes its In “the” Consatutcheon but he Is “a” lyre and so We Stodents we lett the Air out “of his” tiers. anyhow Who cares “waht” some stopid electricans thay think???? We got “a perfickly” goood Collidge rihght hear and It “is ful” of reel Interllecturals not theese dum electricans, how come Our Collidge it dont get “to” desyde?

And nohw Al Of A sodden yiu got al theese dum peple thay Are Biggits sayin Mary Chrismes insted “Of” Hapy Holladays!!! It make My Moth Antenners hurt, thay reely hurt wehn i here That Racist Mary chrismes!! So yiu see Allreddy that Trump he made “the” countrie More Racist than It allreddy was! Dont Thay Know Its Aginst The Law To Saye Mary Crismas???

My prefesser He axplaned to me That “Putin he done al this!!!!” And That is “why thay Calll him Putin becose he is alyaws Putin things In that shuldnt be Put In my” prefesser he sayes. Putin and Trump thay Are making! peple say mary Chrismisss insted of Hapy Holladays!

wel Wee has got to doo somthing abuot geting Rid of Chrissmis befour it Messes Up Kwanzaa witch is a reel good truue Holladay and we Has “got to” get Rid of that Electrical Collidge, why dint thay pick Harvord or UCLAX or some reel collidge wear thay has Interllecturals and not jist a buntch of dum Guys who can fix yore Lamp if its is busted???

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  1. Them Electrical Collidge guys are dangerous and should be stopped. They walk around wearing leather tool belts and carry screwdrivers, which should be illegal. 🙂

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