Supreme Court Protects Electoral College

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For once they got it right.

Wow! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. The Supreme Court has voted unanimously that rogue electors who flip their votes to some candidate other than the one their state voted for… can be punished and replaced (

You may remember that after the 2016 election there was a big ballyhoo over concerted attempts to get Republican electors not to vote for Donald Trump–and some Democrat electors not to vote for Hillary Clinton. Those efforts didn’t amount to much, in the end, but they did raise the specter of electoral chaos. I mean, once you can bribe or intimidate electors into changing their votes, the whole electoral process is compromised.

Even the libs on the court didn’t want that. Heck, even Chief Justice Roberts didn’t want it.

Democrats are always trying to get rid of the electoral college, which protects the rest of the country from being dictated to by New York and California. They’ve come up with scheme after scheme for abolishing it. Flipping electors is only one of several gambits that they’ve tried. Soon we’ll be seeing new ones.

As much as I cringe from doing it, I must salute the otherwise Far Left justices for whom this was very much a bridge too far. They made the right call and our country owes them thanks.

They’re Still Trying to Sink the Electoral College

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The Virginia General Assembly this week has defeated a State Senate bill to award all of Virginia’s electoral votes, in a presidential election, to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote (

Democrats, relying on their numerical advantage in California and New York, are seriously trying to get rid of the Electoral College. This effort is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and here’s how it would work.

Say everyone in Virginia votes for Donald Trump for president. Ordinarily, Virginia’s electoral votes would go to Donald Trump. But say Hillary Clinton, having won California, New York, and Illinois, wins the national popular vote. Under the terms of the “compact,” all of Virginia’s electoral votes would go to Clinton. Even though no one in Virginia voted for her.

Does that strike you as fair to the voters in Virginia?

Our country’s founders created the Electoral College as a protection for the smaller states from being dominated by a few of the most populous states. Without it, California, New York, and Illinois, along with just a few other states, would dominate the country. There would be no need for presidential candidates to court the votes of most of the states. Just win the few biggest ones, and you’re in.

The legal issues involved in this are very far from being untangled, and I won’t try to explain them here. The political issue is that most of the American people do not understand the Electoral College or its purpose and think it would be “more democratic” to have only the popular vote in play.

Stock up on illegal aliens, give them drivers’ licenses, turn a blind eye when they vote illegally–and there you go, your state gets to decide who becomes president.

So far only “blue” Democrat states have joined the “compact.” Don’t tell me that you wonder why.

The Electoral College protects America from being eaten alive by a handful of large states.

We need to keep it.

Ignorant Noozie Blasts Electoral College

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He knows “democracy” must be in the Constitution somewhere

One of the ignorant fops on MSNBC the other night did the traditional Democrat thing, whining about the electoral college ( If it wasn’t in the Constitution, he babbled, why, it’d be unconstitutional!

Why? ‘Cause it undermines the principle of “one person, one vote.” And even worse, he prated–it undermines “democracy”.

What a dope. Hey, genius! The purpose of the electoral college is to protect our country from the hysterical excesses that always accompany democracy and usually destroy it. It’s also to protect 48 states from being dictated to be New York and California.  It has served these purposes very well, and God help us if we ever had to do without it.

He goes on and on about “democracy.” Our system of government is not a democracy, but a republic. But you have to pass high school civics to know that, and they don’t teach civics anymore.

Hint: Anything Democrats incessantly complain about and say isn’t fair… just about has to be good.

And that goes double for noozies.

They Think the Electoral College Is a Real School

As you watch this video, bear in mind two things. 1. Education in America is compulsory. Everyone gets educated. 2. Our public education system is the biggest and costliest in human history.

What is the excuse for all these 20-somethings not to know what the Electoral College is? They think it’s a real college, probably with a football team. They have all been publicly educated, and at great cost. They have the right to vote, if they can remember to do so.

True, the video’s too long. After three or four minutes, you’ll get the point.

The fewer people who vote, the better. Rule by ignoramuses, we don’t need.

Hillary: Abolish Electoral College

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Still in full tantrum mode

The Greek historian Polybius praised the Roman Republic for its system of checks and balances. As a Greek, he had personal experience of “democracy” self-destructing into hysteria and mob rule.

Today presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton, still unable to come to terms with her defeat by Donald Trump and the American people, continues to push for the abolition of one of our country’s firmest and most successful checks and balances–the electoral college (

Why? Because Donald Trump won, and he’s “a racist.” And he’s destroying an “American democracy” that does not exist and never did: our Constitution guarantees us a republican form of government, not a democracy. Our founders read Polybius.

Of course, it would require a constitutional amendment to replace the electoral college with a straight popular vote. You don’t “just do it.” But I don’t think Democrats know that.

Without the electoral college, every presidential election would be dominated by Far Left crazy states California and New York; and a regular injection of illegal alien votes would ensure a perpetual Democrat presidency. Can’t have any of those voter ID laws, etc. That would be racist.

The electoral college protects America from being hijacked by a handful of states with big populations. It has always protected us from that. “Democracy,” Polybius wrote, never fails to degenerate, first into mob rule, finally into dictatorship. Sort of like what happened in Venezuela.

If you love your country, don’t even think about voting for a Democrat.

Unhapy Holladays To yiu!!

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I am Confused (About This Election)

I suppose in the end it will be obvious: vote for whoever the Republicans nominate, or else get Hillary and kiss America goodbye. Unless she gets indicted first.

I think we have been here before.

First I was for Cruz, then for Trump, and now it’s I dunno. There’s something about the Cruz campaign that makes me uneasy. As for Trump, how is that anything but a crap shoot?

I was for Cruz because I thought he was a real conservative, if there is such a thing anywhere in our political class. I was for Trump because I passionately detest the Republican Party leadership and want to see it kicked down the stairs. But in the meantime, the partisans of both Cruz and Trump are tearing down each other’s candidate so badly that it may not be possible to repair the damage in time to keep Mrs. Bloody Awful out of the White House.

I have a soft spot for Ben Carson, but, gee–now he wants to do away with the Electoral College, the only thing that keeps the country from being ruled forever by a couple of Democrat machines in large, incredibly corrupt cities in a handful of states. Anyhow, he’s not running anymore.

O Lord my God, if you’re thinking of intervening in America’s national life just about now, I think it’d be a very good time for you to do so.