WordPress Problems Solved (Mostly)

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Yesterday afternoon I finally made contact with one of WordPress’s “Happiness Engineers”–that means “tech support,” but sounds nicer–and, after a long struggle, got my old Stats page back. It’s still missing one feature I’ve always rather enjoyed, but maybe we can fix that after Christmas.

I salute the WordPress staff, because I know working with me can’t be easy. I don’t understand computers and I don’t speak the language, so it’s hard for me to explain what the problem is. Then again, if I could explain it all that clearly, I could probably solve it myself. Anyhow, this guy named Cesar patiently hung in there until my site was back the way I wanted it. Very well done, sir!

Look, I’m like my old iguana, okay? He had a perch when he was about seven inches long and weighed two or three ounces. He still had that perch when he was over three feet long and weighed ten pounds or so, and he couldn’t use it anymore without falling off. So I took it out of his cage and replaced it with a nice big new one suitable to his size.

And what did he do? He sat on the floor and sulked! Refused even to look at the new perch! Finally I had to re-install the old one; and he immediately climbed up, parked himself on the new perch, and lovingly draped his tail over the old.

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P.S.–That stuff about the $300 “WordPress Business,” I am told by my webmaster, need not concern me: it was supposed to be taken care of automatically at her end, and will be.

So now, as Mel Allen used to say, back to baseball!

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