Oh, Forsooth! ‘Pantsuit Nation’

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This was going to be a Joe Collidge article, but it’s really too silly and degrading even for him.

We are asked to believe that out there, on Facebook, is a “Pantsuit Nation” consisting of some 2.5 million “strong women” who proudly voted for Hillary “Careless” Clinton as president. Hey, you can even get a Pantsuit Nation T-shirt. I tried to include a picture but the computer rebelled.

Yes, they are proud. One–and I have no idea whether any of these people are really real–likens herself to Rosie the Riveter, the World War II icon of the woman working in a factory to defeat Hitler. Yeah, that’s Hillary. Another boasts, “I’ve cut my ties with my family.” Well, who needs family when you’ve got a politician?

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things…

Knew you not Hillary? Captain of her satyr husband’s Bimbo Eruption Team, smearing and destroying the women Bill assaulted sexually. Lawyer who laughed about getting a man off the hook after he’d raped a child: laughed because she knew he was guilty, and was proud of herself for defeating justice. Liar, hustler, crook, and drunkard!

For this you parted from your family?

Yeah, well, fine, we all know the story now, the Legend of Hillary–how it was her right, and hers alone, to be president, and how Putin and his gremlins rigged the election so Donald Trump could seize the White House: uh-huh. And the South woulda-shoulda-coulda won the Civil War, only their arms got all worn out from beating Yankees. And if Willie McCovey’s line drive had been just six inches higher off the ground!

These unhinged liberals just can’t believe the American people have rejected them.

I wonder how crazy they’re going to get before they constitute a threat to life and limb.

5 comments on “Oh, Forsooth! ‘Pantsuit Nation’

  1. Truly some diseased thinking on the part of some of these people. They don’t see, to notice that their heros and heroines act in total opposition to the values they purport to represent.

  2. “You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things…”
    From Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare!

    I guess you didn’t get where you are today without going to an *actual* college- the kind with old books and old professors who have actually read these old books. Once upon a time we knew to respect our elders, who have wisdom. Not now- arrogance and ignorant hubris reign in the once hallowed halls of higher learning.

    Now all that’s on offer is “lerning,” it seems.

    1. Not newfangled, but old hat. Careless Clinton made the pantsuit sort of a personal badge, to be identified with her. Again, forsooth!

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