Oh, Christmas Tree!

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I have just finished decorating our Christmas tree. We arranged it so all I had to do was put on the ornaments, and the job still took two hours. Our tree isn’t quite as loaded as the one in the picture, but it’s close.

See, everything on our tree has a story. The lights are from my grandpa’s store which he had in the 1930s–and every bulb still works. We have ornaments from Grammie and my aunts and uncles, from my father and mother, and even from assorted jobs we used to have. It’s very hard for me to leave anything unused.

And of course the two cats are a big,  big help!

Anyway, now it’s done, and we can love it for a while.

More than any other holiday, I think, Christmas is about continuity, about remembering, the present reaching out to hold hands with the past. And together they will stride into the future–which we can do without dread because it belongs to Jesus Christ Our Lord, and we have many mansions waiting for us in His Father’s house.

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