Sanity Break: Cats and Snow

Well, it sure ain’t snowin’ here–another typical New Jersey Mud Christmas.

What I wouldn’t give to shrink myself down a few sizes and play in the snow with these cats! And before you say cats enjoy the snow because they have no sense, pause and ask yourself who’s smarter–the human being standing in line at the supermarket to buy batteries and milk and toilet paper, and cat food, because the weather forecast said “snow” and he’s all freaked out and sliding into panic mode: or these cats?

And now to get started on my Christmas tree…

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  1. Wow, would I ever love to send you some of our snow from here in Idaho.
    We have way more than enough.My son works most nights until midnight, then in his morning hours, he has to plow show so we can get out ot our long driveway to the main highway. Next day, same thing, and same thing day after day. I would help if I could, but those days are over for me.

    1. Well, here in New Jersey, where I’ve lived all my life, we don’t get snow anywhere near like you get–but you should see the people panic, when it’s in the forecast. It’s pathetic. Last year I had to stand behind some guy buying at least 100 batteries. What in the world did he think was going to happen?

  2. LOL, that sounds just like the people on the coast of Washington. One inch of the white stuff and everybody goes into panic mode, slipping and sliding off the road all over. If they ever learned to drive sensibly even in clear weather, they might be ready. They all drive like maniacs there.

    1. Drivers on the Garden State Parkway, and it’s snowing… the horror! The horror!

      Which is, incidentally, where Patty and I will be tomorrow. Pray we get back alive, and with the car in one piece.

  3. No snow in Jersey? Wanna borrow some? As I type, I am about 60 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border and it is snowing. I had a band meeting in Tucson last night and when I got back to my home in the hills east of Tucson my little roadster was covered in snow and looking about as forlorn as a sports car can look. There was some melt-off overnight, but I just noticed another snow squall.

    I’m not on board with th global warming crowd; I believe that the climate is governed by our Creator. That having been said, I am beginning to think that there is a change, not man made, but God made. Our winters have been cooler and much more humid thanks past experience. Winter used to be virtually cloud free and rain after the July – September monsoon season was a rarity.

    My office windows face north, looking out on Tucson and many days this fall the skies looked more like Seattle’s than Tucson. I occasionally do some pre-dawn satellite spotting, my high elevation homesite being perfect for amateur astronomy. But this fall I’ve been stifled time and tie again because of persistent cloud cover. A recent trip to Phoenix involved miles of creeping through fog; so,ething unheard of in these parts.

    Maybe the desert will soon blossom and Isaiah 35 will be fulfilled.

    1. Well, God did create the earth a living planet, so naturally there are always changes. That’s how He sustains life on this terrestrial ball.

      But of course humanists think they’re gods: so it’s stupid slobby people who cause the climate to change, and it’s the all-wise and all-powerful government that’ll change it back.

      What bunk.

    2. Much agreed. They can’t even predict tomorrow’s weather accurately, yet they claim to understand the climate model of the entire world. The atheistic among us deny even the possibility of a global flood, so they can’t even begin to conceive of the notion that the earth is still affected by that particular change in climate.

      I don’t have all the answers; ultimately I have only one answer. However, that answer tells me that there is a Creator and that the the earth itself and all life stems from that one Source, and that Source has matters under control.

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