Hey, How About Some Hymns?

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Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean it’s over. It has to work all year!

Attention, newcomers to this blog: I like to start each day here by posting a hymn, and I like to use hymns requested or suggested by the readers.

And there’s no rule that says we have to limit it to just one hymn per day.

So let’s hear from some of you whom we haven’t heard from before. If you’ve got a hymn that you’d like to share with the rest of this little blog community, please let me know. Just post a comment including your request, post it anywhere on this site, and I’ll do the rest.

2 comments on “Hey, How About Some Hymns?

  1. Here is the one that is running around in my head this morning. Draw Me
    Nearer, then Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place.

    1. “Draw Me Nearer”–I’ve loved that one since Sunday school.
      I was whistling it, once, as I was walking down the street, and a man who was raking his lawn joined in.

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