Don’t Forget the New Year’s Comment Contest!

thethroneYes, you could win an autographed copy of this gorgeous book, when it’s published next month. Isn’t that cover just the berries?

All you’ve gotta do is post the last comment of 2016 on this blog. Everyone is eligible, even if you’ve already won a comment contest earlier.

What is not eligible, of course, is any comment that is abusive, blasphemous, profane, a commercial message, or just too asinine for words. Other than that, anything goes.

And don’t forget–I’m on Eastern Standard Time, so if you live in a different time zone, take that into account.

8 comments on “Don’t Forget the New Year’s Comment Contest!

  1. That cover is beautiful. Broken down, weathered throne and building, contrasted with the brightness of the lady.

  2. Having read the first 8 books in this splendid Bell Mountain series, I’m so looking forward to ‘The Throne’! And the cover is beautiful.

    Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year to you Lee, Patty, your family and to all the family here at your cozy blog!

    1. Savannah, you have won the comment contest, you’ve posted the last comment of 2016, and have won an autographed copy of “The Throne.” More details to come–tomorrow, it’s time for me to go to bed.

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