Now I’m Glad I Did It

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Democrats are already screaming bloody murder over plans to repeal Obamacare as soon as President Donald Trump is inaugurated.

See, they’re used to Republicans who promise this and that and then never do a single thing they said they’d do, so Trump freaks them out. In his line of business, you can’t fail to do the things you say you’ll do, or you’ll soon be out of business. Contrast this to a typical member of our ruling political class, who never, never does anything he has said he’d do.

This is revolutionary. A year from now a lot of us will be shaking our heads and saying, “Why didn’t we think of this a lot sooner? Have the country run by persons who are not habitual liars who only go to Washington to feather their own nests! Who wouldn’t know how to keep a promise if their lives depended on it!”

So Trump will get rid of Obamacare, he will build a wall and secure our nation’s borders, he will lop away great swathes of unnecessary and burdensome regulations, and he’ll stop chasing business out of the country. He will do those things because he said he would, and it has been his way of life to do the things he undertakes to do.

It’s going to be great, and it will drive the liberals crazy.

I voted for Trump because he is not Hillary Clinton; but from what I’ve seen so far, he has a lot more going for him than that.

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  1. I watched an interview of Trump being asked if he would “ever consider running for President.” He answered: “…when America needs me.” He saw that need and kept his promise – one of many he intends to keep. I voted for Trump, at first, because I wasn’t going to vote for any democrat. When they ‘selected’ hillary, I knew I was right. But as I began to thoroughly research him, I began to believe that not only was he “too good to be true,” but that perhaps God’s timeline wasn’t ready for the end of America as we know it. There was still too much to be done, by America and for Israel. Just my thoughts…

  2. I really hope he does follow through and he doesn’t leave a lot of disappointed and disillusioned voters in his wake. Will have to see what he actually does with the dems fighting dirty all the way. We’ll all be watching, and hoping for more than bluster and promises. God knows we’ve had enough of that.

    1. We’re just so used to “leaders” who don’t fulfill their promises, we find it hard to believe that maybe now we have one who will. But then that’s how Donald Trump has always made his living–he is not part of the BS political culture.

    2. Maybe he isn’t, but most of those Republicans elected to congress that he’s going to have to work with still are, and they are invested in maintaining the status quo. I would not be surprised if they actually hold him back instead of helping, because they can’t stop the infighting with each other. Even if Trump is honest about everything he wants to do, it’s going to be a very tough road getting there. Washington’s corruption runs deep.

    3. True, there are still a lot of weasels up on Capitol Hill. I think that at this point they’re afraid of Trump, and afraid of what the voters will do to them in 2018 if they subvert his program. On the other hand, they’ll have a strong political incentive to move it forward. We’ll just have to see whether obvious practicality can overcome their inherent weasel-ness.

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