Spiders in the Sea

Hi, Mr. Nature here–and here are some critters which most of you have never heard of, let alone thought about.

“Sea spiders” aren’t really spiders. In fact, scientists aren’t quite sure what they are, exactly. There are thousands of species of them, all over the world–but who noticed?

Look at them closely, and you’ll wonder how they can live. They seem to be mostly a bunch of disembodied legs. It’s even more surprising to learn that the male sea spiders take care of the eggs and hatchlings. Where is the brain on this thing? Where are the vital organs? Well, just sort of stuck on, here and there.

I find them interesting as a very little-known detail of God’s creation, which is more complicated than we can possibly imagine. We’ll never know the whole of it; but that only adds to the pleasure we can take from it.

5 comments on “Spiders in the Sea

  1. Wow! I would never have suspected that such a creature exists. The diversity of life forms seems almost endless. The creative genius of our Maker and His boundless imagination are truly astounding.

    1. The best part of all this: it’s free. Have you ever had a hard time finding a pet cat? They are the most popular mammal pet, so the demand is high, but the supply is unlimited. Sea spiders are probably not a good pet, but they are abundant in their environment and we can still enjoy them that way.

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