New Maybelline Model is a Man

So the sages and feminists at our Great Institutes of Higher Learning are worried about “hyper masculinity,” and how to weed it out of our culture.

Well, first they’ll have to find some.

If you can stand it, take a good look at the picture above. This is “the first male Maybelline New York spokesperson,” and “one of our favorite beauty boys.” ( )

Hey, hit the beach on D-Day with a brigade of these guys. Maybe the Germans would laugh themselves to death.

Can you imagine this… man’s… mother? “Yessir, that’s my boy! Ain’t he the berries? If you’re worried about too much masculinity, just talk to my son the Maybelline man–if he can’t tell you how to get rid of masculinity, nobody can!”

We have a very, very deep pit to climb out of. I doubt we can make it on our own: we’ve gone too far.

Nevertheless, repentance can do great things; and it may be that the Lord will save us, if we ask Him… on our knees, with tears and supplications.

8 comments on “New Maybelline Model is a Man

  1. Our society allows people to do pretty much whatever they want and we are seeing the results. After 50 years, or so, of permissiveness, are things better?

    1. I doubt that there is one. We live in a world wherein even the most basic civility has become rare. The Syrian Civil War has lasted nearly as long as WW II, at this point, and there’s no end on sight.

      The left tries to tell us that we are progressing as a civilization and are of better character than preceding generations, but I call it as bunk. Crime rates have not improved, poverty is a larger problem than ever and the employment prospects for today’s youth are meager.

      “Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought.” So say the Art of War. the reasons our civilization is fragmenting comes down to moral failings, nothing more or less.

    2. Agreed! Western culture has always had flaws, but it has been effective in providing good conditions for many, many people over the years, including providing a way for the underprivileged to seek a better life for themselves. It’s worth preserving: IMHO.

  2. The Lord said it would be as it was in the days of Noah and the days of Lot.
    I had no idea such things as this had happened at any time. Probably, He just meant that evil would abound. It certainly does now.

    1. They were perverse then, too, Erlene. Remember the men who gathered outside Lot’s house to ‘know’ the men Lot had inside. And Noah’s time was no better, what with the fallen ones mating with women an producing grotesque hybrid beings.

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