They’ve Got You Coming and Going!

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A fake “man” who is actually a woman has sued a Catholic hospital for not removing “his” uterus (

See, Catholic hospitals do not perform sex-change operations, such things being an abomination and all. Although the not-really-a-man easily found another hospital where they’d  be only too happy to do the job, she’s still suing the Catholic hospital because they “disrespected” her. No, I will not use male pronouns to describe a grossly disturbed woman who insists that she’s a man because she’s been surgically mutilated and shot full of hormones. Meanwhile, every single cell in her body is still female, and there is nothing they can do to change that.

You can’t win. If you don’t go along with this nut’s assertion that she’s a man, you’re a biggit and they’ll sue you. But if you do say, “Well, yeah, absolutely, you are indeed a man,” then you collide with the fact that a man doesn’t have a uterus for you to remove.

Again–this whole transgender project is satanic to the core. Every Christian must reject it. The idea is to overthrow God’s created order and replace it with a kind of parody created by wicked fools who serve an evil master.

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  1. God said He would send strong delusion. Whether or not He was referring to the insanity plaguing this earth, I don’t know. But I do know Satan’s very busy in this hour. My prayer is that the lost would be found, the sleeping would awaken and the backslidden would return and repent. These are evil times and our Consolation, our Hope and our Salvation is Jesus!

  2. That scripture about God sending a strong delusion comes to mind almost daily, as I observe the world around me. There are people out there fervently arguing that the earth is flat. That strikes me as willingly striding back into the Dark Ages.

    1. Yes, I’ve encountered them. They think they have the ultimate conspiracy theory. I am glad they send me no more heated emails–they do get a bit crazy on the subject.

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