The Cardift Gaint he Is not a Hoxe!!!

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Boy theese christins And conserfatiffs thay “dont” know nothing!! and Thay think “the” Cardift Gaint he is a hoxe But he is nott!!!

Wen i Was a kid my grandma and grandpa Thay toock me to seee the Cardift Gaint, he is “a” Putrafyed Man al turnt to Stone!! Now grandma she jist Shoots me Whith a pellett Gun and yels at me to Go Away but back “then she” used to take me “to see” things and the Gaint he is Reel i Seen him With My owne eys!!! so he caint postibly bee a hoxe!

and Waht doo yiu think “it was” that turnt him into Stone and putrafyed him?? Wel it was Climbit Change!!! and That is ezactly waht wil hapen To al yiu ordrinary dum peple and it wil surve yiu rihght!! My prefesser he sayed al yiu stopid biggits yiu culd of “Saved yore selfs” if yiu voted four Hillery And thenn she made a Climbit Change Tax that All The Ritch wuld has to pay but Now its tooo Late and jist yiu wate Til “yiu” start turning into Sement hahaha!!! I tryed to axplane This to my grand Pa and he “only poked” me In the aye whith his Cain! Wel he willl sure get wat’s Coming too him!!!

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  1. So if climate change is a done deal and nothing can stop it, we can all breathe a sigh of relief, keep all our money, and let the world end in peace? Right Joe? We don’t need carbon taxes or anything else now, because they won’t do any good. So glad to hear it!

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