Cats on Ice

If you look carefully, in one of these scenes you can see fish swimming around under the ice. A cat is chasing them. I know someone who has tried just about everything to get the fish in her pond to survive the winter, but nothing has worked so far. I expect her pond just isn’t deep enough. You just wind up with frozen goldfish.

Anyhow, here’s the furry version of the Ice Capades.

3 comments on “Cats on Ice

  1. I’ve always wondered about frozen-over goldfish ponds. I have seen them, in Colorado, which has wintery weather, but is fundamentally a mild climate. A deep pond sounds like a good starting point.

    1. There’s also a special diet you can give them, to get them ready for the winter. But if the pond freezes solid, game over.

    2. That’s news to me, but I guess it makes sense. Fish are much different from mammals, cold-blooded and having a physiology that operates by very different rules. I feel lousy if I’m colder than 98.6, but a fish apparently has no such need.

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