The Left’s America

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The Beast in Revelation 13

I’ve been trying figure out just what is the Left’s vision for America. I think you can find it in the Book of Revelation, but I’m trying to work out some of the details. It’s hard, because the vision is ultimately satanic. But what, in concrete terms, would their America look like? I mean, if they had their way.

No more borders, no more common language, no more common culture.

No more males–just persons who, for the time being, “identify as men.” Especially no more white males, except for Democrat Senators, Congressmen, entertainers, academics, and media types.

Massive, widespread poverty–which they will call “equality.” With the state enjoying supreme power over everything, they will make everybody “equal” by making everybody poor. Except, of course, for Democrat Senators, Congressmen, entertainers, academics, and media types.

No more Christianity, but lots of Islam. How they propose to get Islam to coexist with radical feminism, organized sodomy, and militant atheists is anybody’s guess.

No more electricity for the masses. Gotta Save The Planet. But John Kerry’s mansion will still be air-conditioned. All of their mansions will be opulent beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

Lots and lots of crime.

No more families, in the sense that the human race has always understood the word “family.”

The one question that has no sensible answer, because these are not sensible people, is… Why do they want all this? We know why Satan wants it, but why do they want it?

Come, Lord Jesus: come.


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8 responses to “The Left’s America

  • UnKnowable

    “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one” 1 John 5:19

    That’s the only answer I can think of for why they want to destroy the family, prosperity and individuality. Satan hates humans. He hates us unto death. He wants to kill you, he wants to humiliate you, he wants to denigrate you; all because you are created in God’s image and he doesn’t want physical beings to have that privilege.

    Satan has attacked the gift of reproduction, by twisting sex into some perverse olympic sport with no love attached. He has attacked masculinity, because he hates the Creator, the Father of us all. But Satan will not prevail.

    Think about the innate beauty within humans. Children sing to themselves when they are playing alone. Stop for a moment and contemplate that. A child humming to themselves involves a great deal of innate musical ability. Even the simple, nonsensical song of a small child will be identifiable within the rules of music theory.

    No college, no music teacher cracking the whip, yet a toddler can create what is recognizably music from their innate abilities. The same applies to art, the spoken word and all of the other amazing things that are inborn to humans.


  • Watchman

    At heart there all utopianists. They believe if they do these things it will level the playing field and make everything fair and equal for all. In the end it will only create tyranny. In the words of Milton Friedman, “The society that puts equality before freedom, will end up with neither. The society that puts freedom before equality, will end up with a great measure of both.” Mankind has been trying to return back to Eden ever since they were kicked out, but there trying to do it without God and it will fail.


  • danielwalldammit

    No, you have not been trying to figure out ‘the left’s vision for America.” You are doing nothing of the kind.


  • Erlene

    Lee, if you would like another song suggestion, here is one I like: When He Was On the Cross, I Was On His Mind, but John Starnes.


  • marlene

    For the rich and powerful, it’s because they don’t have God and no amount of money can fill the void in their soul without Him. For the poor, it’s because if they can’t HAVE what they want, then they will DO what they want. For both of them, without God there’s no conscience or morality to stop in their way – enter satan.


    • UnKnowable

      You hit it on the head. It comes down to whether we answer to a Higher Power or not. Having moral standards that are solid and immutable requires the recognition of a higher standard that goes beyond our own limitations.

      The rich aren’t the problem, neither are the poor or the middle class. The problem is lack of morality. No matter what method is attempted, social improvement can only happen when a society is moral at the individual level.


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