‘Congratulations! You Have Won a Cruise…’

For those who think we’ve got nature licked, here’s some video of what it’s like to be aboard a nice top-heavy cruise ship when a really bad storm comes along.

It seems a miracle the ship isn’t blown right over. You’d think they’d keep up to date with the weather forecasts, but forecasts aren’t always accurate and anyhow, some storms are just too big and too fast for any ship to outrun.

The earth is the Lord’s (Ps. 24:1)… not ours.

5 comments on “‘Congratulations! You Have Won a Cruise…’

  1. Oh dear! There’s a place I surely would not want to be! I’ve never had a desire to go on a cruise, but if I did, this would have cured me. Apparently I was under the mistaken view that things were fastened down on shops so this sort of thing couldn’t happen. Furniture flying into people is more than a bit unnerving.

  2. And this concludes today’s lesson on inertia. Thanks for watching Mr. Wizard. 🙂

    Those ships always look top heavy to me and I imagine that they are pushing hard on the limits of stability, in order to maximize the capacity of paying customers.

    Like Linda, I’ve never really been all that hot on the idea of a cruise. Somehow, I think that being confined to a very crowded, floating hotel would get old after a day or so.

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