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Trying to be a Cheerleader (with Bonus Hymn)

Among people who know me well, the word “optimist” is not likely to spring to mind. But as a member of the Chalcedon Foundation’s ministry, I can’t indulge that aspect of my personality. I have to try to be a cheerleader. My editor, Susan, thinks that’s a very funny position for me to occupy.

Listen to the hymn while I collect my thoughts. John Bunyan and Maddy Prior are better morale officers than I could ever be.

This is a dark period in history. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t know that. We try to defend our Christian culture, but the ungodly attack from all directions. And I wind up writing about it, which doesn’t exactly pump me up and which I’m sure is no picnic for my readers. But we can’t just stand there and say everything is peachy, can we?

Everything is not peachy, and we might as well know it. If the human race were actually to do all the things that the ungodly insist we do, it would surely go extinct. Even if they got their world government, it would soon have no one left to govern.

What can any of us say? Trust in God and in His word, pray, comfort and support each other, speak nothing but the truth, put our heads down and work in Christ the King’s service–and grab a laugh when we can get it.

Because the last laugh will be God’s: He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh (Psalm 2: 4).

Gloom and Doom–Hi-Tech Style

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The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. —Psalm 24:1

Dr. Joseph Mercola has gone to a lot of work to warn us of the dangers of all-seeing technology that could eventually coerce us out of any semblance of personal liberty (https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/02/12/google-social-credit-system.aspx).

The model we should fear, he says, is China’s “social credit system,” in which everyone in China is surveilled, constantly, by cameras and other devices, and points are awarded or subtracted according to the individual’s behavior. Your resulting “social credit rating” determines what you will be allowed to do–where you can go, how you get there, what you can buy, etc. That system of total coercion is enabled by modern technology, much of it provided by Google. And by 2021, he estimates, a billion cameras, worldwide, will be watching and judging whole populations.

With the aid of “video analytic software and artificial intelligence” (we’ve warned you about that, haven’t we?), governments can watch their population all day, every day–even when you think you’re safe in the privacy of your home. There’s even a prospect of “preventive policing”–compiling so much information on individuals, that law enforcement will be able to accurately predict when someone will commit a crime, and arrest him for it before he can commit it. “I’m here in prison because they said I was gonna rob a liquor store…”

This massive apparatus of surveillance is supposedly going to be used for crime detection and prevention. Wouldn’t that be great–no more crime? But of course the definition of “crime” can be made exceedingly broad.

Thanks to surveillance technology and networking, if you were to commit a “crime” while at a restaurant–say, get into a heated argument with a waiter–the network can see to it that you’re banned from every restaurant, everywhere. And because these punishments are imposed outside of a court of law, by private agencies, you won’t be able to appeal them. No hope of getting your ban lifted.

China’s social credit system, which tracks even the most trivial infractions–“loitering,” for instance: whatever that may be–also imposes some of the most creative punishments. Have you jaywalked? They’ll confiscate your canary. I know, that sounds like a joke; but they’re not joking. Taking away someone’s beloved pet–well, that’ll learn ’em.

Here in what we still call “the free world,” Google is already collecting all sorts of data from users, without their knowledge or consent, and we cannot be sure what they do with it. Sell it to advertisers, probably. But it can also be passed on to police, the IRS, a political action committee–to anyone.

Readers of the Bible will be quick to see in this “the mark of the Beast,” in Revelation. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name (Revelation 13: 16-17).

With or Without Our Consent

It’s hard to imagine the American people consenting to such a regime as this, which would keep them all their lives in a kind of perpetual childhood, with every action, every word, subject to reward or punishment by all-powerful adults. In communist China, of course, no one in government worries about consent. There the argument is “Do as we say, or we’ll kill you.” But here? Could we really have this here?

But then Google and its partners are not asking for our consent, are they? They’re just going ahead and doing it. And so far our elected representatives, and our courts, charged with the duty of protecting our liberties, don’t seem to have noticed.

The earth is the Lord’s, not theirs. This will go only as far as a righteous, sovereign God permits it. And we see in Revelation that He has already determined how to deal with it.

Meanwhile, counter-invasive technology is being developed, and some is already available. Dr. Mercola provides a list of examples.

But God’s people are commanded by Christ to “occupy until I come.” We are to create strong Christian families, provide our children with a solid Christian education, live by God’s laws as best we can, pray unceasingly, proclaim the truth of God’s Word–and put our heads down and work, each in his or her own way, for Christ’s Kingdom.

Not wish, but work.

‘New York Values?’ (2016)

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I don’t much like that word, “values.” It leads into stupid discussions like the one Ted Cruz started in 2016.


I mean, come on–what are “values”? The word takes us another step away from good vs. evil, right vs. wrong. After all, everybody has his own “values.” You don’t have to wait long before the term becomes meaningless.

You won’t find “New York values” in the Bible–or anybody else’s “values,” either. We are to seek what God values.

“Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart: who hath not lifted his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully” (Ps. 24:3-4).

God doesn’t care what your “values” are.

Town ‘Terrorized’… by Turkeys?

turkeys 3

Did I read that right–the town of Tom River, NJ (where my sister lives), is being “terrorized” by… wild turkeys? (https://www.insider.com/wild-turkeys-terrorizing-toms-river-new-jersey-2019-11).

It could be a 1950s horror movie: Attack of the Wild Turkeys. “See the turkeys take revenge for all those Thanksgiving dinners! See it if you dare!” See them–according to nooze reports–pecking roofs, breaking windows on cars, and “attacking residents.” A former major league baseball player went so far as to tweet the governor, pleading for the state to rescue the beleaguered township: “They trashed my yard!” he laments.

It’s supposedly a “gang”–do turkeys have gangs?–of 40 to 60 birds. Their favorite target, we are told, is the 55-and-over community called Holiday City. Do the turkeys know it’s called that? No wonder they’re on the warpath.

Having lived in the suburbs all my life, I don’t know much about wild turkeys. I do know you can’t shoot them in New Jersey. Not that it would be a good idea for a lot of residents to cut loose with the lead. The houses are way too close together for that.

Some of you who grew up in the country, what do you say? Are turkeys dangerous to humans? Has anyone ever been killed and eaten by turkeys? Did the turkeys want succotash and cranberry sauce with that?

Well, the earth is the Lord’s (Ps. 24), not ours: we just live on it. A few years ago, one day, we had some wild turkeys in our neighborhood. They strolled across the street to St. Francis Cathedral and stood around by the Christmas creche. They looked like they belonged there.

Can we say the same?

King Of Glory

From another Christian blogger…. a good Psalm to bear in mind    –LD

Unashamed of Jesus

Who is the King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, The Lord mighty in battle.
Psalms 24:8 NASB

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‘Congratulations! You Have Won a Cruise…’

For those who think we’ve got nature licked, here’s some video of what it’s like to be aboard a nice top-heavy cruise ship when a really bad storm comes along.

It seems a miracle the ship isn’t blown right over. You’d think they’d keep up to date with the weather forecasts, but forecasts aren’t always accurate and anyhow, some storms are just too big and too fast for any ship to outrun.

The earth is the Lord’s (Ps. 24:1)… not ours.

Mr. Nature: Deer in the Suburbs

When the rain stopped this morning, I went for a hike up the hill to see the deer.

It always amazes me that these large wild animals can make a living in this thoroughly suburbanized town. Usually, but not always, I see them in a little two or three-acre park atop a steep hill in a posh neighborhood full of big houses that would do very nicely for hotels. Sometimes they come out of the park and hang out on people’s front lawns.

How do they do it? True, when they’re in the little wooded park and they’re not moving, they’re almost impossible to see. But they’re surrounded by a residential neighborhood full of cars, guys on riding mowers, etc. Somehow God provides for them.

You’ll notice, in this video, that someone is tossing little apples to the deer, which is probably why they’re in his back yard. It’s nice, to feed the deer, but it isn’t wise. Get them too used to interacting with people, and it will abate their natural caution which they need to survive.

I love to see the deer that somehow manage to live in the middle of Suburbia. I pray there will always be a place for them, and am surprised that there still is. The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof… (Psalm 24:1)

Hymn, ‘Who Is the King of Glory?’

This is from Handel’s Messiah, performed by the Crown College Choir.

Psalm 24 both asks the question and states the answer:

Who is the king of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle…

Who is the king of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the king of glory.

‘Who is the King of Glory?’

From G. F. Handel’s The Messiah, this is Who is the King of Glory?, performed by the Crown College Choir.

I heard a Bible lesson on the radio once. Read these three Psalms back-to-back: 22, 23, and 24. Try it, go ahead. Together they teach Christ’s passion, death, and triumphant resurrection.

Hmm…. What if nobody wants to open the gates, when the King of Glory is ready to come in?

I don’t think you want to be there when that happens.

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