American Libs Flee to Muslim Country

Fleeing America after the election of Donald Trump as president, a group of liberals landed in Magnoonistan’s Great Leader Rashid Radish National Airport yesterday to claim political asylum in Magnoonistan.

“We thank the workers and people of Magnoonistan for welcoming us,” said the group’s clan mother, Salome Starchild Stunata. “And now that we are here, we expect certain changes to be made. Sometime in the next two weeks or so, Magnoonistan ought to adopt an LGBT bill of rights and a special national program of Gender Fluidity. And no more Prophet this and Prophet that–it’s really not inclusive. Magnoonistan must fundamentally transform its culture, and we’ll be able to help with that. And now we demand to be taken to the nearest Starbuck’s for a latte, we’re all tired out–”

At this point a group of Magnooni schoolchildren opened fired with machine guns and mowed down the entire group.

A spokesman for the Magnoonistan Islamic Republic said, “Infidels must learn better manners if they want to come here. It is they who must convert to Islam, not the other way around.”

6 comments on “American Libs Flee to Muslim Country

  1. Yeah! I would gladly buy tickets for each one of them (if I were rich) if they would only go and give it a try.

  2. I think there may be something to this. The liberals seem more than eager to support a system of religion that would brush their concerns aside without a moment’s thought.

    LGBT rights, gender fluidity and most of their pet causes are considered abominations in the Islamic world and all the whining and protesting in the world will have ZERO effect upon those governments.

    Truly, this generation has no concept of reality. They don’t seem to comprehend history or understand that the way the world is not going to operate according to their wishes. There are many places on earth where even the most basic of human rights are not respected. Frankly, if the dreamers and complainers end up using one of those places as a refuge, that would be poetic justice.

    1. Meanwhile, our glorious institutes of higher learning routinely “teach” that there’s no such thing as truth–which makes their own statement unavoidably false, but they don’t seem to notice that.

  3. 2 Syrian families flew 16 hours from Qatar to Philly. Relatives were waiting for them & had bought a house for them. Because of Trump’s ban, they were denied entry and had to fly 16 hours back to Syria. Does anyone care? Oh, one other thing: they were Christian Orthodox, leaving Syria for obvious reasons. This story can easily be found on numerous sites on the internet.

    1. A sadder story could be told by those whose loved ones were murdered by some guy yelling “Allahu akbar!” as he rammed a vehicle into a crowd of people who’d never done him any wrong. Remember Ohio State.

      Under President Trump’s policy, a Christian from Syria has at least a chance of getting here. Under the other one, Christians were always shoved down to the bottom of the list.

      Can a policy be found that will never upset anyone? No. But a government that refuses to protect its own people from violence has no reason for existing.

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