Cars thay Are Trans-Gender Tooo!

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Well we didnt has no Gender Studies 666 class today becose the prefesser he sayed “he” didnt feel So good becose he “is” menstrubating and he got to “go” buy Some tamp-ons! So i was walkin Back “to” somplace i forget ware, Whenn I heared some guy he sayed he “has got” to Put some Trans-Gender Floid in his car!!!

Wuld yiu beleave it I didnt “know” Cars thay can be Trans-Gender jist like peple!! See i never knowed alot abote “cars” I has got no Drivver Lisince becose that Test thay “giv” yiu it isnot fare! I hate that stopid “test” becose it Dis-respecks my Micro Culture witch says i dont has to pay No “attentchen” to no stop sines or Trafick lites becose thay just istnt Part “of” My realty!! Like wheye shuld i has to stop jist “becose” of some Stopid sine that its probbly Racist! Besydes i am a Interllectural and i dont nead to dryve no Car!

But nowh that i Has “larned” that Cars thay “can” be Trans-Gender well i whant one “of thoose” Trans-Gender Cars to dryve al aruond the Campas!! It jist gose to Show yiu that Gender Floiditty it is a Unaversile Part of Natchure! Cars thay must “have” Eovvolved that waigh! jist lyke evry Thing else!!!

‘Toni the Tampon’ Teaches Kids That Men Can Menstruate

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Well, I’m back from my walk, and good and cold: lotsa Man-Made Climbit Change today.

Yesterday Linda alerted us to a new “gender-inclusive coloring book” for children, The Adventures of Toni the Tampon, which teaches children that men can menstruate. ( Is it really necessary to say that this is wicked foolishness?

Somewhere out there must be someone with enough public clout to offer a $10,000 cash prize to any man who can prove that he can, and does, menstruate. And women who say they’re men, because they’re nuts, aren’t eligible. Let’s see how long it takes for some guy to win the prize.

Did anyone notice that all this transgender hooey shifted into high gear after the Supreme Court stuck us with same-sex pseudomarriage? There is no appeasing these people, these culture-killers. God only knows what they’ll demand, after they get what they want by way of legitimizing “gender fluidity.” Please, Lord, grant that we never find out!

We need to find some way of protecting our children from this evil; and it probably involves protecting them from what we laughingly call “public education.”

Physics Teachers Want ‘Pronoun Pins’

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If you still think science is science nowadays, and not just a lot of baccigaloops calling themselves “scientists” while they prattle nonsense, maybe you ought to think again.

The American Assn. of Physics Teachers, soon to gather for their annual Winter Summit, are all set to equip attendees with “pronoun pins” to reduce “instances of misgendering” ( ). Are you getting as tired of this as I am? Because, they say, “Gender can be fluid”–just like their brains, which seem to be leaking out their ears–they must “improve inclusiveness” by recognizing that some men aren’t men and some women aren’t women, and some want to be called “ze/zir/zirs”–

You really want these people teaching? I wouldn’t let them teach a cat to use a litter box.

I only mention it because it’s just more proof, if any more were necessary, that our “education” industry has become a Godless and deluded enterprise and we’d be better off without it. What’s physics worth, if it’s going to be taught by idiots like these? Go on, anybody–show me some evidence that this kind of education produces positive results.

People who love and respect their sons and daughters do not subject them to a public school or university.

American Libs Flee to Muslim Country

Fleeing America after the election of Donald Trump as president, a group of liberals landed in Magnoonistan’s Great Leader Rashid Radish National Airport yesterday to claim political asylum in Magnoonistan.

“We thank the workers and people of Magnoonistan for welcoming us,” said the group’s clan mother, Salome Starchild Stunata. “And now that we are here, we expect certain changes to be made. Sometime in the next two weeks or so, Magnoonistan ought to adopt an LGBT bill of rights and a special national program of Gender Fluidity. And no more Prophet this and Prophet that–it’s really not inclusive. Magnoonistan must fundamentally transform its culture, and we’ll be able to help with that. And now we demand to be taken to the nearest Starbuck’s for a latte, we’re all tired out–”

At this point a group of Magnooni schoolchildren opened fired with machine guns and mowed down the entire group.

A spokesman for the Magnoonistan Islamic Republic said, “Infidels must learn better manners if they want to come here. It is they who must convert to Islam, not the other way around.”

Judge Nixes Obamacare Lunacy (Well, Some of It)

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At the last minute, a federal judge in Texas has ruled that Obamacare rules cannot, after all, force the American people to pay for “gender reassignment” surgery ( ).

See, according to Obamacare–otherwise laughingly known as “the Affordable Care Act”–one’s sex is not a biological fact, but “a state of mind.” Hey, my driver’s license may say “Lee Duigon” on it, but I identify as Denzel Washington. Obamacare treats “gender fluidity” as a fact, not an ideology. But the fact is, it is an ideology, and a very toxic one at that.

Go ahead, I dare you–name one way, just one, in which all this “gender” crap has made the world a better place.

Anyway, it took a last-minute ruling by a judge to keep this particular insanity from going forward.

We have a long, long, long way back to sanity, with Democrats and other losers trying to stop us, every step of the way, from ever getting there. May God give us the strength and courage to keep on.

This Just In: the ‘Gender Unicorn’

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I am too a unicorn, I am, I am! My teacher says so!

I no sooner finish writing about how public school lays the groundwork for college to transform students into imbeciles, when an email came in alerting me to–oh, God, save us–something called “the gender unicorn” ( ).

Need I mention that there’s no such thing as a unicorn? Like, it’s not real. But even a unicorn is more real than this baloney.

This is a new teaching tool developed by perverts and fools to convince very young children that “gender” is anything you want it to be on any given day, no such thing anymore as boys or girls, blah-blah. It’s sort of like me saying I’m a Chinese girl with three eyes–obviously untrue, and if I were to keep saying it, people would think there was something quite wrong with me.

But this! Oh, this is sacred! Anyone who doesn’t hop on this bandwagon must be a biggit-biggit-biggit and a hater.

Well, okay, I do hate it–and the people who push it.

Christian parents who love and respect their children, and want the best for them, do not send their kids to public school.

The Real Threat to Our Children

Yes, I know, I ask this question every summer: Where the blazes are the children? It’s a beautiful, sunny day, there’s no school in session–and no sign of any children, anywhere. The playgrounds are deserted. No kids fishing at the pond.

So where are they? Well, obviously they’re all indoors. Why are they indoors?

Mostly because people believe it’s horribly dangerous for kids to be outside, and anyway, “unsupervised play,” once known as “childhood,” is against the law. At least, there have been many news reports of parents jailed–yes, I said jailed–for allowing their children to play outdoors without supervision.

But when you read the laws, you discover that this is not what they actually say. The laws say you can’t leave a child alone in any situation where he might face an imminent threat of harm. If you were to let your two-year-old toddle into Main Street with all the cars whizzing back and forth, you would clearly be guilty of negligence.

Police, government bureaucracies such as “child protective services,” and spiteful neighborhood busybodies interpret such laws very, very loosely, so that virtually any situation involving a child  being a child can be construed as perilous, requiring really tough intervention. Thus an 11-year-old boy shooting baskets for an hour in his own back yard is deemed to be exposed to harrowing danger because his parents weren’t home yet (they got stuck in a traffic jam)–so the cops arrested the parents, threw them into jail, and even strip-searched them, and the boy was separated from his family for a month ( ).

Hot dog.

Of course, there is real danger to our children, a genuine threat: but you won’t find it on suburban playgrounds.

Check out this public school classroom at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, California. The disreputable individual teaching them that “you can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on  how you feel,” is a “gender coach” ( ). He teaches “gender fluidity,” yatta-yatta. No more male and female, no more boys and girls–that’s that old-fashioned, oppressive, heterosexist “binary gender” stuff.

Public education is a threat to children. That’s where they’re in danger–from the wicked hogwash stuffed into their heads by way-the-hell-out-there teacher unions and crack-brained “education theorists.”

There’s no need for the pedophiles to be lurking behind the bushes next to the swing set.

Not when they can get jobs in sex education.