Starve the Beast!

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President Donald Trump (I do enjoy typing that!) this morning posted a Twitter message threatening to cut off federal funds to the University of California/Berkeley because of student rioting ( ).

See, Berkeley was going to have a conservative speaker, one Milo Yiannopoulos, so the “students” had to riot and create a tumult so that the speech would have to be canceled on account of inability to ensure security. Hard to do that when everybody’s rioting.

To demonstrate their tolerance, their good will, and their acute reasoning, the students burned ATM machines, broke bank windows, beat people up, and set fires on and around the campus. This I love: they even torched and looted a Starbuck’s! Oops–it seems being a big fat prating liberal won’t protect you from other liberals.

This is our chance–and it won’t come again!–to starve leftism right there in its nest. The university is the nest where leftist vermin hatches. This is the training ground, the propaganda center, where otherwise normal young people are turned into raving idiots.

There is no reason whatsoever for 17 to 20 million Americans to be enrolled in assorted colleges and universities. It’s bad for the country, bad for the students  who have enormous debts to pay off but have been taught nothing but how to be nincompoops, and good only for the academics themselves, who get to suck America’s blood, and a really nice pension at the end.

Now is the time to cut America’s overgrown, over-funded university system down to size–not with a scalpel, but an axe.

Posterity will thank us for it.

4 comments on “Starve the Beast!

  1. I hope and pray that everything that can be done to reverse this machine
    that keeps churning out brain dead barbarians will begin to happen at once. Otherwise, our nation is destroyed, our values trampled in the dirt, and life worthless as it is in all those areas where the destroying idiots are trying to get away from and come here to finish destroying everything worthwhile.

  2. Hear, hear! You have to love this.

    Cast your mind back to 1967, Berkley, and the tantrum they had when Reagan was elected governor. They protested, and even decided to appropriate some land which, I believe, they called “People’s Park” or some such prattle. They were in a huff because Reagan had ended the practice of free tuition.

    What I find astounding is the fact that we are right back at the very same point, some fifty years later. No development, no lessons taken from experience. The same sort of prattle is being shouted with the same fury, apparently by the descendants of the original protestors.

    1. The demonstrators are now the professors, grey ponytails and all.

      Our university system is too big, too costly, with too many students and way, way, way too many “teachers.”

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