Berkeley Blames Riots on College Republicans

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Well, the riots are over, they’re sweeping up the ashes… and the administration at U. Cal/Berkeley is saying the Berkeley College Republicans have a “moral responsibility” for the riots because they foolishly exercised their “right” to hear a conservative speaker ( ).

Yup, it’s all their fault for inviting Milo Whatsisname to speak on campus. Not the rioters’ fault. Not the fault of whoever told the police to stand down and not arrest the rioters. Not the fault of the collidge administration for encouraging and applauding left-wing thuggery. Not the faculty for teaching their students to be close-minded, violence-prone idiots. Not the students, for listening to all that guff.

It was the college Republicans’ fault for inviting Milo to give a speech.

Now, that man is not my idea of a conservative. I can’t imagine what he proposes to conserve. As an unrepentant sodomite, he is  primarily a culture-killer–part of the problem, not part of the solution.

So… because he’s not my cup of tea, I should be allowed to go out and slash my neighbor’s tires as a form of “protest”?

President Trump has called the Berkeley rioters “professional anarchists,” and mentioned the possibility of cutting off federal funds to universities that don’t allow free speech.

Well, heck, what is anybody waiting for? Do it now! Cut off all their federal funding, to all of them. Starve this corrupt university system to death! What is America supposed to do with 10,000 people who have master’s degrees in Gender Studies, anyway?

Bring back the jobs, and cut the universities back down to size. All of these people should have been working and earning money rather than sitting in classrooms and piling up debt.

Cut the funding. Starve the beast.

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3 responses to “Berkeley Blames Riots on College Republicans

  • UnKnowable

    The reasoning of these people is inscrutable. If someone I have never met kills someone else that I’ve never met, somehow my fault, because I was born to a caucasian, and relatively impoverished, family. If so-called liberals riot, somehow it’s the fault of conservatives. The concept of personal responsibility is completely out of the picture, these days.


    • leeduigon

      See, it’s their fault for recklessly exercising their “right”–the university doesn’t think much of that right, but must admit that such a right, however abstractly, does exist–to invite a conservative speaker to speak at Berkeley. They probably did that on purpose, knowing it would cause a riot. It’s White Privilege, and also Climate Change, that causes them to do bad things.


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