I Has had a Dreem

I ate me a peace of a swetter last nihgt and it “must of had” like Carpet Cleener on it or somthing becose it Gived me a wiled Dream!

I drempt Pressidint Obamma he come “back” and made A Revilution and got rid “of” Donold trump and al them biggits and Haters witch suported “him” and than Obamma he turnt “into” a god! and he made Hillery the Pressidint insted of Trump and so she Lived “in the” Wite House And gess waht? I was her Boy Freind!!! and Bil Clintin he dint Mind becose he “had” a lott of Girl Freinds!

Yes! Wow!! i was Hillery’s Boy Freind now and i got To sleap “on” the Flore rihght by her Bed! and than She sayed “Mothy” (That was Her pet “naime” for Me( come “on Up hear a Minnet” and I thinked O Man this It Is goin to be Grate! and yiu know Waht she done then??? She gived Me a Indain Burn!!! Oboy that hurt!!!

And i sayed “how Come yiu” gived Me a Indain Burn and she sayed Becose I Can!! “I wil give This hole stinkin countrie a big fat Indain Burn and yiu wil here Them howell!! And then she strated Lauhghing and she Lauhghed so Loud it waked me up and thare i was freezing and my Moth Antenners thay Had Ice in them Rihght thare in My prefesser’s Tool shed! my Teeths thay wore Chatterin “so” bad i culdnt hardly “talk” but he Wuldnt give me No more blankits becose he sayed Its Globbal Warming “and whye” shuld he waist anether Blankit?

Wel i sayed Gee but I am awffle Cold! and he “sayed” Yiu be carful Waht yiu say or I “wil have yiu up on” charges of Climbit Change Denile and yiu dont “want” evry One to think yuo are a Racist do yiu??” Wel I gess that reely Shut me up!!!

I tell yiu this eddication It is reely Hard some times!!!


2 comments on “I Has had a Dreem

  1. That was a close call Joe. If Hillary had been in a truly amorous mood you would have been at risk for an extremely traumatic experience. Don’t believe me? Just take a good look at a picture of Bill, he looks pretty traumatized to me. 🙂

  2. LOL – whut a furtle mind yu have, Mr. Doagain.

    I too, “had a dream,” seriously, and although it’s irrelevant to this article, it’s relevant to its title. I dreamed I was being chased by a mob that accused me of doing and saying something I never did or said. Everywhere I ran, another mob was there chasing me. I went to people I know – friends, family, neighbors – and told them. They all gave me sympathy, but none said they believed me. One of them began quoting scripture and I said “So I should sit here reading the Bible with you until they come and kill me? That is not dying for Jesus. I will fight back,” and left. I found a small place to hide, with no exit, and watched as mob after mob passed me by. In my temporary respite I realized something. If we said or did something, it can be proven because there are videos, articles, witnesses – there’s a footprint. But when we are accused of saying or doing something we never said or did, it’s much harder to prove. THAT is what the demon lies are all about. huit clos – no exit.

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