Things to Do on Stupor Sunday

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You don’t really want to watch the Stupor Bowl, do you? After all, the NFL isn’t on your side. The NFL has lined itself up with transgenderism and We Hate America protesters. And they’ll have celebrities to curse the president that you elected.

Anyway, here are some fun things to do instead of letting yourselves be mooned by the NFL.

Invite friends or family over to play Monopoly. When my cousins and I were kids, the adults in the family used to play Monopoly and we couldn’t wait till we were old enough to play! With four or five people playing, you can very happily fill up a couple of hours. It’s not so hard that a reasonably intelligent child can’t play, but the game does reward smart thinking. Whereas a potted plant can sit there watching a football game.

Paint a bit of the wall and watch it dry. Better than watching Lady Gaga, at least.

Read. Converse. Watch a movie together. This is an ideal opportunity for what we might call “together time.” When was the last time you had a good old-fashioned natter with your wife or husband? Or anyone else, for that matter.

Break out your Erector Set and build a Ferris Wheel. I never quite managed a Ferris Wheel that didn’t fall into ruin as soon as I activated it, but I’m sure I’d do better now. If you don’t have an Erector Set, you may just have time to rush out to Toys ‘R’ Us and get one.

If all else fails, read aloud to your cat. Even that’d be better than watching anything by the National Felons League. “Okay, Fluffy, listen up, this is Moby Dick. Ready? Here goes–‘Call me Ishmael…'” The worst your cat’ll do is wash herself, fall asleep, or get up and walk away. But at least you won’t be allowing the NFL to think you support transgender bathrooms.

And of course there’s always this here blog and its vast archive of fun stuff, plus the opportunity to chat with fellow visitors.

And now, to get my metabolism cranked over, I will venture out into this rather unpleasantly cold Global Warming for a little hike up a couple of hills. Aside from that, we’ll be here all day.

11 comments on “Things to Do on Stupor Sunday

  1. I ran into an old music buddy when I went to breakfast this morning. He’s about 80, ex Navy and he was having breakfast with another friend that is about 80 and looks capable of lifting a small house from its foundation. These guys would have been prime Super Bowl viewers in the past, but neither was going to bother to watch these crybaby, millionaires whom hate the nation that made them rich.

  2. My husband, a former Force Recon Marine, Vietnam, could almost lift a house today! I say almost because if it were not for a recent health problem, the task would most likely be met 🙂

    Monopoly, scrabble, yahtzee, gin rummy, canasta, hearts – there’s a very long list of ‘better things to do’ than to watch the ‘turf toe’ babies cry while they make their millions. Seems like we should be paying our veterans more and those clods less.

    1. Thank you so much, Lee. He’s not been doing well, some days seem better than others, but we take it day by day. The Lord is in control and we do very much appreciate prayers.

  3. Well, my stupor Sunday was spent dismantling the door in my car, only to discover that I need a window regulator, a power lock switch, and possibly a latch assembly. Figure about Five Bills ($500), but that’s still better than watching football. 🙂

    1. Oh dear! That happened to us on our 2004 Jeep and the window was down at the time and wouldn’t go up! Our son fixed it – somehow got it closed and blocked it from ever coming down again lol. Saved us a lot of money.

    2. I went through that very process with the window on the other side, about three months ago. This one still works, but I don’t trust it to work too many more times before it stops altogether.

      I’ll be a crotchety old dude for a minute. All this fancy stuff, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, is really nice to have, but when it gives out it can be costly to repair. Simple is the way to go, but new cars aren’t made that way.

    1. I concur. When cars became so computerized they became more complex to repair and consequently are much more expensive to maintain. And we used to be able to tell what make and model a car was without looking for an insignia.

    2. These highly computerized cars are beginning to develop the habit of locking their owners out, requiring a very expensive trip to the dealer. I want my ’66 Chevy back. 🙂 (Actually, I want my ’82 Volvo back. That was a fantastic vehicle.)

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