Cuteness Break: Sloths

You don’t think of sloths swimming, attempting to operate heavy machinery, or giving people gifts, but that’s what some of them are doing in this video. For critters who spend most of their lives hanging upside-down from tree branches, they have a lot going for them.

My wife has always loved baby sloths, but they aren’t really a practical choice as pets for an apartment in New Jersey.

3 comments on “Cuteness Break: Sloths

  1. Apparently you didn’t read tha the New Jersey Society of Liberal Apartment Dwellers voted the sloth Pet of the Year. 🙂

    No, I agree, as fetching as they are, they probably are not a good candidate for a house pet, unless you have the space for some very specific habitat. But they are about as cute as a critter can be.

    All glory to the Father, who conceived all of these various life forms from His vast creative genius, and then brought them forth as living creatures, here on earth.

  2. My daughter absolutely loves sloths! She wants one as a pet too 🙂 However, I doubt she will get one any time soon. I’m forwarding this post to her so she can enjoy these little darlings. Thanks, Lee.

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