A Culture-Killing Priest

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A priest in Padua, Italy, is likely to be stripped of his priesthood because of incredibly lewd behavior–including “organizing orgies on church property” and visits to “a naturist swingers’ resort,” along with a few other activities which I prefer not to repeat ( http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/italian-priest-catholic-church-don-andrea-contin-accused-of-carrying-vibrators-sex-toys-masks-a7564096.html ).

Police have established his guilt beyond a doubt–in fact, he has confessed (and I don’t mean in a confessional booth)–and the Church does seem resolved to kick him out, which of course it should.

There have always been corrupt and wicked clergymen–read Dante, if you don’t believe me. If I knew how to set up a church wherein corruption would not be possible, I’d lay it out for all the world to see. But I do think that for any institution containing human beings, including a church, the bigger, the richer, and the more powerful the institution, the greater the corruption.

These are the people who, some centuries ago, wouldn’t let us have the Bible and persecuted, and killed, those who sought to make God’s word accessible to us. Our freedom to consult the Bible whenever we please was not won without the shedding of much blood.

We don’t do away with the church. Certainly there’s nothing in the Bible that tells us to do that! But we don’t set aside God’s word. Not for anybody.

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  1. My understanding of The Bible is that Jesus was not the founder of any religion, but rather He established His Church – believers upon Him. And the wickedness permeates many of today’s religions of the world – appropriately titled.

    Can anyone imagine visiting a confessional with this guy on the other side of the screen?! It may be well to remember how little the church did to rid itself of the scourge of pedophilia, which continues to this day.

    1. Agreed. As I understand it, “the church” is the collective body of worshippers, not a building, a legal entity or an organization.

      I could imagine confessing to that clown. You’d confess and he’d say; “I can top that!” 🙂

    2. He might even be able to give advice on where to pickup willing co-sinners. 🙂

      It is so ridiculous as to be sublime. I believe that God is exposing the wickedness which is hidden in some of these churches. One thing, of which I am convinced, is that He will make the issues plain and comprehensible to all before His day of judgement.

  2. “for any institution containing human beings, including a church, the bigger, the richer, and the more powerful the institution, the greater the corruption”

    Bingo! Power corrupts. The first century Christians were organized fairly loosely and, as Acts informs us, had some internal struggles. By the fourth century, the civil government of Rome was promoting, and even influencing Christianity, and things have gotten worse ever since.

    I’m not picking on the Catholics here. It’s happened in many churches, they grow, become more organized then begin to lose sight of their original goals. The problem is that loyalties become divided. Should one be loyal to a church organization or to God? The answer seems obvious, but standing up against a church can be difficult, especially if one’s family becomes divided by these issues.

    Anyhow, I’m heartened that the RC Church has seen fit to defrock this person.

    1. Yeah, I saw it, all right. And if we had Greg Abbot instead of Chris Christie for our governor, this nonsense would have already been stopped. I don’t know what Prospect Park gets in the way of federal funds, but you can be sure they get plenty of state funds for all sorts of things. These should be cut off now.

      I would also like to see some of these sanctuary city officials arrested and jailed. But first we have to get Jeff Sessions in there as attorney general.

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