Crazed Government Busts Homeschooling Mom, Seizes Kids

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They may not be much good at protecting us from gangs, drug dealers, terrorists, or Climate Change scammers, but they’re hell on wheels when it comes to crushing a defenseless, law-abiding citizen.

A single mother in Buffalo was arrested, and her two young children spirited away, because she was homeschooling them and someone in City Hall, it seems, forgot to tell the school board that it was all okay ( ).

Rightly unsatisfied with the “education” her kids were getting in Buffalo’s crappy public schools, this college-educated woman jumped through all the legal hoops to homeschool her children according to the law. She filed all the appropriate documents at City Hall, and was told by the city’s “homeschooling coordinator” that all was in order.

But nobody bothered to tell the school, school officials called the aphids at Child Protective Service, and, apparently without making even a minimal effort to investigate the case, CPS picked up the cops on the way, swooped down on the mother’s home, snatched the kids, and arrested her “for obstruction” when she showed signs of not much liking what was being done to her.

Supposedly the Buffalo City Council will address the situation tonight, and if they do, we’ll try to get an update tomorrow.

Really, somebody does need to be fired for this. Three weeks in foster care, for no reason, is a bit much to lay on a couple of little kids. Their mother, who followed all the steps the law required, was arrested like a criminal.

Public education stopped being a good idea–if it was ever a good idea–over a hundred years ago. It is responsible for many of our country’s ills today.

Not the least of which is sicking the police on people who haven’t done anything wrong.

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19 responses to “Crazed Government Busts Homeschooling Mom, Seizes Kids

  • UnKnowable

    Not that long ago, there would have been a lawsuit, and the numbskulls responsible would have had to pay out a big settlement, and probably have all lost their jobs.


  • Linda Sorci

    When I read this earlier today, I was outraged, not only that the mother, who is trying to circumvent the government indoctrination system was put through the anxiety and humiliation of arrest, but her children were dragged off to live with strangers and traumatized by the whole mess.

    Soon it will be illegal to homeschool. Power and control will not stand for opposition.


  • UnKnowable

    Same here. I think home schooling is much better than the indoctrination practiced in the public schools. It was bad enough when I was a kid.

    I wanted. To be home schooled, but it wasn’t allowed back in the sixties. The twelve years I spent in the public schools did me little good. They taught me reading and math, but that’s about it. That could have been accomplished in far less than twelve years.

    If I had been able to use that wasted time to pursue my interests I would have built on those skills and wanted to learn new things. How do I know? Because that’s exactly what happened after high school. I pursued music, aviation and electronics, and I did so voluntarily. It would be a safe bet that most kids would, if they had the opportunity and the freedom to do so.


  • Ellen Sallas

    Thank you for posting this — I hadn’t seen it on my news feeds yet. Will share.

    I truly believe these crazies will be pushed back over the next eight years while we resist the progressive-liberal-globalist agenda along with our new president. I agree with many who believe this is a time of reprieve. We know how the story ends, but it’s not yet!

    Thank you, Lee, for all you do!


  • Ellen Sallas

    And OH GOODY!! – you’re on Twitter. I use that more than WordPress, so I followed you there. I am @ConservSnark and @EllenCMaze ❤ ❤ (I invite anyone to follow — a friend of Lee's is a friend of mine!


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