GOP Has-Beens Push for Carbon Tax

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Y’know, you can’t take your eyes off our nation’s so-called leaders for a cotton-pickin’ minute without them getting up to serious mischief.

Now it’s a bunch of Republican has-beens and wannabes, including former nonentity-in-chief Mitt Romney, calling itself “The Climate Leadership Council,” meeting with President Donald Trump’s economic advisers to urge the administration to sock the American people with a “climate tax” ( ).

Proposing to cut costly and foolish regulations in return for a tax on carbon dioxide emissions, these formerly important people are calling it “the climate deal everybody wants.”

Well, not quite everybody.

Dudes! Like, how many times do NASA and NOAA and all those other gaggles of “climate scientists” have to get caught red-handed, lying and cheating, inventing some data and suppressing others–I mean, it’s practically every other day now, and you still believe them? Are you that stupid?

These men deserve to be has-beens.

Fact: There is no such thing as “man-made climate change” that can be controlled by government action.

To quote the Bloomberg news article, “It is unclear how the new plan will be received by Republicans in the White House…”

Like this, I hope!

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  1. Government won’t be happy until they regulate every facet of our lives, including how many times a day we’re allowed to flush.

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