Ninny Alert: Actor Fears Trump Will ‘Destroy the Planet’

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Political discourse in America: any fool can play.

Now it’s some jidrool named Seth Rogen, supposedly an “actor,” who has sent a message to Donald Trump’s son suggesting that he “ask your dad to resign before he destroys the planet” ( ). Gee, how would President Trump go about destroying the planet, even if he, like, really wanted to?

And I’m the one who gets accused of hyperbole. *sigh* I wonder how many brain cells this guy has.

Why even take notice of such twaddle?

Because this is what happens when a nation cuts itself loose from the living God–to a people who proclaim they have no king but Caesar. They will believe anything, anything at all, no matter how ridiculous. And their inane beliefs will prompt them to rash and foolish actions.

There are those who ignore this. More fool them.

7 comments on “Ninny Alert: Actor Fears Trump Will ‘Destroy the Planet’

  1. It’s becoming a Chicken Little mentality. The WMD in any argument is some environmental catastrophe which nukes the opponent and closes all further discourse, even if the environmental threat is baseless.

    1. It takes a real Hitler to say something like that. 🙂 See, it works.

      I laugh at the way that term is tossed around, mostly by people that have no notion of the history and how truly horrid it was. To them, a Nazi is just anyone that doesn’t agree with their viewpoint du jour. Very few realize that it was, essentially, a death cult.

    2. Sadly true. I now see it as a homogeneous whole. There are forces that are anti-human life, anti-freedom, anti-God, anti-messiah, and they all are working to the same end.

      The Nazis were eugenicists, anti-semitic and sought to dominate Europe. The Soviets were somewhat different in their approach, but ultimately seeking similar ends. Anti-semitism, which is essential anti-messianic in nature, is a common thread.

      The environmental movement, at least to a great degree, has the ultimate goal of reducing human population, which is in direct opposition to the biblical command given both to the original couple in Eden and to the patriarch Noah, after the Flood.

      Abortion activists have turned a grisly practice into a ritual that should even be bragged about. They like to frame this as a women’s health and freedom of choice issue, but there’s obviously much more to it. They no longer are merely an abortion provider, they are abortion promoters.

      The far left seems to have diverse areas of interest, but ultimately, they seem to stand in opposition to the standards of the bible and, most importantly, to the process of establishing God’s Kingdom, as the ultimate authority over mankind. It is my opinion, based on my view of the scriptures, that the restoration of Israel and the Kingdom of God are inextricably linked. If this viewpoint is accurate, then opposing the Jewish people could be considered tantamount to opposing God’s Kingdom. (Please note: I am framing this as my opinion and I am not attempting to force anyone to see this my way.)

      Bottom line, IMHO: there are forces that will defy God’s authority and I believe that the Far Left seems to want to have this posture.

    3. Read the “Humanist Manifesto II” (how come every bunch of wicked idiot has a “manifesto”?) and see how quick they are to recommend atheism, abortion, sodomy, and the “right” to suicide as the answers to life’s problems.

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