Another Animal You Never Heard Of

I have to go to the nursing home, but let me first leave you with this. “This” being a caecilian.

A what? It took me years just to learn how to spell it. Caecilians are totally legless amphibians that live in the tropics, mostly keeping out of sight by burrowing in mud and leaf litter. Some are quite small, and might be mistaken for worms, The biggest are almost five feet long. And they all have skin growing over their eyes, so they can see the difference between light and darkness–which is more than you can say for a lot of intellectuals–but not much more.

Considering their secretive habits and the not very nice environments in which they live, it’s kind of surprising that we know about caecilians at all. Almost as hard as it is to believe they’re related to frogs.

Just goes to show: there is more to God’s Creation than any mortal mind can fully grasp, more than anyone will ever know–and its greatness testifies to His greatness.

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  1. Another amazing creature. One has to wonder how great the Creator’s imagination must be. I’ve always said that I’d have been a lousy god. Had I been in charge of creation, I would have forgotten something, probably cinnamon. 🙂 But our God remembered cinnamon, which makes life hear a bit more pleasant. He also remembered legless amphibians that look like snakes and/or worms and seem to live happily, even though they have neither legs or keen vision.

    1. I interviewed Bob Bakker once–the scientist who, more than anyone else, promoted today’s conception of warm-blooded, active dinosaurs. One of his topics was the delight God must have felt in His creation. Not a Young Earth Creationist, Bakker still proclaimed himself a Christian… and I believe him. Nor have I forgotten the pleasure he took in contemplating God’s pleasure.

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