Red Pope: Reality-Challenged

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Some years ago I was on the phone with a liberal, trying to convince him that public school “sex education” had gone a lot farther than he thought, as exemplified by a certain book used in the curriculum at many schools. His clever riposte was to deny the book existed. “But I have it right here on the table, right in front of me,” I said. No dice. “There’s no such book. You’re making it up.”

Lately I’ve noticed that the flat-out denial of reality is increasingly a feature of “progressive” discourse. Just a few days ago Pope Francis I, the Red Pope, demonstrated exactly what I mean by asserting that Muslim terrorism “does not exist” ( ).

Well, all right, he doesn’t have time for trivial problems like people getting their heads blown off by the Allahu akbar crowd. He’s too busy trying to sell Climate Change as the greatest-ever excuse for growing government and making it more powerful. He warns us to remember “what happens when we deny science and disregard the voice of nature.”

Sheesh. What ever happened to “Thus saith the Lord”? But this guy has no time for that. He’s too busy listening to “our Sister Mother Earth.”

I’m not Catholic, but I grieve for the Roman Catholic Church, saddled with a man like this for its spiritual leader.

May the Lord rebuke him.

But good!

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  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that people are being put in various positions of authority as a part of a larger plan of God’s making. This pope just might open the eyes of many to just how far the church has strayed from the scriptures.

    1. I pray you’re right about that Unknowable. The problem in this instance is that, unless they’ve changed their policy in the last 40 years, Scripture doesn’t much enter into the pontificating (no pun intended) of the RC Church. I know whereof I speak. When you’re not encouraged to read Scripture, you have no frame of reference.

  2. When the anti-Messiah appears, who better to be his false prophet than this demonic individual.
    One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and one I have always prayed for is
    Discerning of Spirits. I don’t know if this pope is so without discernment that he does not recognize truth when he stumbles over it, or if he is knowingly and with purpose deceiving as many souls as he can. Either way, it is our duty to point out to the unwary what is going on. We should not concern ourselves with being PC or anything else that is against God and humanity.

  3. As best as I understand it, we are dealing with a world ruled by demonic forces and these forces are not always in agreement with one another. If my understanding of this is accurate (and I’m not so bold as to insist that it is) that would explain the various factions and also the common thread that these hold, opposition to God and to the establishment of His kingdom.

    I would see this pope as having been duped by the propaganda of certain factions and following accordingly. As these factions become ever more emboldened, it seems that average people are seeing just how extreme matters have become. Some are closing their eyes to this and going on with life as if everything was perfectly normal. Others are awakening to the situation and taking note.

    All I can imagine is that al of this turmoil will help the truthful and sincere to be ready to choose God’s side when it all comes to a head. What astounds me is that even two years ago, I did not imagine things would accelerate so rapidly, but they have.

  4. Progressives (or regressives as I like to call them) don’t believe in God, so they don’t believe in absolutes. To them everything is relative. If there is no right or wrong, then you can believe whatever you want. The natural progression of this thinking is to lose touch with reality. This explains the bizarre things they do, and why people call liberalism a mental disorder.

    As for the pope, he preaches liberation theology more than he does the gospel. He named himself after St Francis of Assisi because of his “spiritual ties with this land”. If you read anything that Francis wrote, it sounds like pantheism. He specially called earth our “mother”. This would explain why the current pope is obsessed with climate change.

    1. That’s how I see it. I do t think that the pope is, in any way, acknowledging the Creator. I can’t think of a better definition of a pagan.

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