No Dems Need Apply?

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An Iowa state senator has introduced a bill to require Iowa’s three publicly-funded universities to “base faculty hiring decisions on applicants’ political party affiliations” ( ). Obviously the purpose of such a bill would be to correct the sorry state of affairs we see at most institutions of higher learning, where liberal Democrat faculty outnumber Republicans by very big margins.

The head honcho of the Iowa Board of Regents fired back, saying “we believe in diversity of thought.” [two-minute belly-laugh break]

It’s not all that unreasonable. The people of Iowa pay the bills–they are forced to fund the universities–and all they get for their hard-earned money is a lot of lefty professors who despise them.

But the senator’s remedy is probably unconstitutional.

What needs to be done is to cut the universities’ public funding to the bone–and then some. America has too many colleges, too many crazed left-wing profs teaching propaganda and earning lavish pensions, too many young people sitting in classrooms learning how to be complete wastes of space, too many diversity officers, too many asinine pseudo-subjects–and way, way, way too much money spent on it.

Never mind the political affiliations. Just cut, cut, cut! And if the university wants to keep its Gender Studies degree program while getting rid of its engineering college because it can’t afford both–well, then, cut some more! And keep on cutting until sanity is restored.

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  1. Ultimately, the authority if the educational system will disappear. Right now a certificate from a commercial tech school is probably of more value in finding work than many college degrees. Eventually, some other mode of training will emerge for STEM subjects and the colleges will fade into obscurity as the wasteful folly they have become by dint of their own choices.

    I think you are right about the funding aspect. Quit feeding the pigeons and they will no longer flock to your yard. Think of all the top-heavy organizations which have floundered when the money dries up. I think it’s the wave of the future, which is to say that mainstream churches are having serious problems, formerly stable businesses are in big trouble (think Sears, for example) and the student loan program has turned into a mountain of debt. None of these situations are sustainable and I can think of no reason that any of these situations will reverse themselves. So what comes next? Lots of boarded up windows.

    (My favorite restaurant just closed, in part because of the minimum wage mandates that rendered it no longer profitable.)

    1. Not to mention piling up somewhere around $1 Trillion in student loan debt.

      America needs people with degrees in Beyonce and we need them now! 🙂

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