Send Obama to France!

"Obama17" Posters Are Displayed Across Paris

Believe it or not, liberals in France are so desperate, they’ve started a campaign to get our own master of disaster, Barack Hussein Obama, to come over there and run for president of France ( ).

They’ve already got posters for it, and are hoping to get a million signatures on a petition. They want President *Batteries Not Included to come and “give French people hope.” Hoo, boy, be careful what you wish for! They think electing a foreigner to be president of France will be “a lesson of democracy to the planet.” If I were the planet, I’d find someplace to hide. Oh–and they’d also like Hillary to tag along and be in Obama’s cabinet.

Quick! Where do we go to sign that petition?

I think I’d actually be willing to pay to see Obama try to read a French teleprompter. You could sell tickets.

I do wonder, though, if sending him over there might constitute an act of war against France. Or at least an unforgivable insult.

Liberals–ain’t they funny, sometimes?

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  1. Nothing more than a hunch, here, but I think we have not heard the last from Barry Soetoro. Constitutionally, he cannot be president again, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him ascend to power in the UN, EU or an EU country.

  2. If I were a billionaire and wanted people to walk backwards and beat up everyone who didn’t, i’d have no trouble recruiting hundreds of thousands of liberal morons, especially airheads from our universities. There is a crisis of character in America and around the world. ‘In 2 Timothy 3 Apostle Paul makes it clear that the perils of the last days are not national disasters or international war, but the character and prevalent attitudes of the people living in the last days, concerning people and their loss of moral standards. That men will be “lovers of self” is the root of all that follows. “In the last days, men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant…” which describes Washington DC to a tee – with the most critical player in the war for America being the media.’ The problem with the media is that it’s the mainstream media that is faking the news!

    1. “In 2 Timothy 3 Apostle Paul makes it clear that the perils of the last days are not national disasters or international war, but the character and prevalent attitudes of the people living in the last days, concerning people and their loss of moral standards.”

      Ever since you posted this, I can’t quit thinking about your words. You have no idea how greatly you have helped me by pointing this out.

      I was raised in an environment who’s occupants were collectively watching for Armageddon and seeing it in every news event. For my entire life, since becoming verbal before the age of two, I have lived in dread, waiting for mayhem to burst forth.

      I can remember even very early events in my life, and I can remember well the day I learned that there was destruction coming. I learned the meaning of the word destruction in the context of learning God’s denunciation of a wicked world.

      As I grew up, I wondered how God would sustain His faithful among the mayhem that was bound to occur. Your car is only as useful as the gas in its tank, my well is only useful when the utilities are working, yet our very existence relies on such things. We are not a concise group whom can follow Moses and drink communally from common sources of water. How would we survive if the entire world becomes like Aleppo?

      Over the last few years, I’ve noted a significant and rapid decline in human society. That has only heightened the dread and has all but paralyzed me.

      I now realize how God can preserve those who believe in Him through this time of trouble. Perhaps, and let me emphasize the word “PERHAPS” . . . this time, right now, is the period of great tribulation of which our Lord spoke.

      This is not to suggest that we’ve seen all that will occur, but the moral decay all around us is making life very hard yet it allows life to continue, in the sense that we can have the necessities and continue to function. Matt 24:39 . . . “so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 40 Then two men will be in the field; one will be taken and one left. 41 Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken and one left.” This seems to indicate that we will be going about the business of everyday life when the Lord comes.

      Your words have lifted the dread that has burdened my life for roughly sixty years. I can’t thank you enough.

    2. Thank you Lee.

      In the last two years, I feel as if I’ve learned more about that bible than I had learned in my life up to,that point. That’s not because of me, it’s because God is revealing His word and world events are showing us the meaning of all that has been prophecied. The world around us is in meltdown, but we have hope in the written word of God.

    3. UnKnowable, I cried when I read what you wrote and I tell you this because words cannot describe the emotion I felt reading your comment, that is so beautifully written. I’m honored to discourse with you. Although knowing God the Father since the age of 2, I didn’t know Jesus, who He was, until I started public school, when we had morning prayers in the auditorium, and even then I learned only what Jesus had done but not who He really was. (Soon after, however, I became terribly jealous that MY [!!] God had a Son whom I thought He loved more than me!) I learned who Jesus really was only just over 10 years ago when I gave my life to Him, and after the initial exhiliration, and reading the Bible in its entirety, a certain “dread” began to descend upon me, not unlike yours at such an early age, but as an adult somewhat capable of dealing with it. That’s when, with complete trust in God’s love that I could feel tangibly and a determined refusal (that only someone as old as I was, being further along the journey than I presume you are), to accept this new dread and hoping it did not come from God and thus, believed it came from satan, I searched for answers and relief. I found it, I shared it, and I thank you for sharing yours with me. May God bless you and fill you with content while you seek His Kingdom.

    4. I think you are right about the source of the dread. Satan’s purposes are certainly furthered if he can keep us in dread.

      I remember to this day where I was standing when my mother told me about God, and I remember my blood running cold when she told me about Armageddon. She was trying to protect me at the time, but I was not old enough to deal with the information and is terrified me, to the point that my father had to put me to bed every night and calm me until I could sleep. This went on well into grade school.

      Literally, your words have done what no psychologist, no clergyman or no self help book could accomplish. I feel like a weight has been lifted.

      Ultimately, all believers can, and should, be a source of support for one another and you have certainly done your part (and then some) with one post.

    5. You certainly may have the last word, but I just have to say one more thing -lol. God puts His words in our mouth when we quote Him, when we listen to Him (as i’m sure you already know), and I can use what you wrote to help the children in my family, and others, should I suspect they are perplexed. Moreover, I can check myself, from your experience as a child, should I use my own words in the wrong way. Thank you for that. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Amen, Marlene!

    We don’t need social programs, we don’t need huge government initiatives, we need decency and morality. The lack thereof has made television no longer enjoyable, news no longer reliable and has made life harder in just everyday transactions.

  4. Wow, they actually think Obama would be an improvement? Have they not seen the mess he made over here? Not to mention how his party was decimated under his administration. Have at em France.

    1. I wish him the best. France has made a wonderful contribution to Western Civilization, but they need to get back to their strengths instead of being the professional victims of Europe.

  5. Thank you Marlene. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. If I manage to say anything useful, it comes, ultimately from what I’ve learned in the Bible.

    But it’s not just me, Newton was devout, so were Galileo and Faraday. These three men laid much of the foundation for our modern world and all three saw the hand of the Creator in the physical realm, which I believe helped them in their discoveries.

    If you want more proof, look to modern Israel, which is a leader in the high tech world. Not all Israelis are devout, but there are many whom are and knowledge of the Torah is all but an obsession with many in Israel.

    But, once again, thank you for your comments and your application of that scripture. It hit the bullseye .

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