Laurel and Hardy Live Next Door

The wind is blowing really hard this afternoon, tossing our lawn chairs around, etc. So naturally the guys next door decide this is an ideal day for raking up half a year’s worth of leaves.

First they tear the leaf bag and the whole load blows back over the yard. As they rake them up again and try to fill a new bag, the wind blows most of the leaves away as they’re trying to load them into the bag. My wife had to come back indoors because she didn’t want the guys to see her laughing.

Hmm… They seem to have abandoned the enterprise.

We both thought of Laurel and Hardy. This is exactly how Laurel and Hardy handle this job. I couldn’t find a video of them raking leaves, but watch what happens as they try to do a sinkful of dishes.

2 comments on “Laurel and Hardy Live Next Door

  1. Oh dear. Reminds me of neighbors I had in North Florida. We lived way out in the country where it was legal to burn your trash and garbage. It seemed like every time I hung my clothes out to dry, that guy would decide it was the best time to fire up the burn barrel, which meant I’d have to race outside to bring in all my laundry, rewash it and wait for the air to clear. Inconsiderate oaf! But what’s worse is it really seemed intentional. His wife and I were great friends and she acknowledged what a boob he was!

    1. We had neighbors worse than that, who have, thank God, moved away. Man, wife, and unemployed 40-year-old idiot son. One was worse than another. The police could find their way here blindfolded, they got so many complaints about these three.

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