Showdown! Kitten vs. Goat

I’m pretty sure this goat wants to play; but the enormous fierce kitten wants to show him who’s boss. Note Mommy Cat in the background. She doesn’t seem worried, so I guess it’s all right. The goat has to be taught to show some respect.

5 comments on “Showdown! Kitten vs. Goat

  1. Well this little kitten sure was attempting to show who’s boss! lol. The goat is very playful and reminds me of mine. In North Florida, I had 2 goats – Timothy and Daffodil. They knew their names, came when I called, and followed me all over the yard. There was a huge bay tree in my yard but the branches were too high for my goats to reach. Since it was one of their favorite things, I would lower the branches so they could munch and have a luscious snack 🙂

    Timmy and Daffy shared the yard with my pair of geese – the white ones with the blue eyes. Their names were George and Gracie, and they, too, followed me all around the yard. George was very protective of me and if anyone dared get too close, he would stand between me and the ‘enemy’, stretch out his neck and hiss. And if they didn’t heed his warning, he would strike! delivering a rather nasty bruise.

    I’ve been so blessed to have been able to share my life with so many of God’s precious creatures. Each has a personality of its own and a special place in the ‘family’ unit.

  2. I love it. I always love it when the cat gets the upper hand. So many dogs and other animals think they can bully cats, since they are smaller. Not this one. Yeah!

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