Now They Want Segregation

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It takes liberals to give a bad name to “justice.” Normally I prefer not even to mention dreck like this on a Sunday, but several people have called my attention to it, so I might as well.

Students–that is, idiots–at the University of Michigan have demanded some kind of “no whites allowed” space for non-whites only “to organize”–sheesh, how Old Left can you get?–and “do social justice work” ( ). In the words of the head jidrool of Students4Justice (oh, please), “We want a space solely dedicated to community organizing and social justice work specifically for people of color.”

Okay, somebody tell me–how is this moron not a racist? Hey, Sunshine! They used to have lots of space set aside for “people of color” only. It was called segregation–and now you want it back? I mean, have you thought this thing through?

Nah. They’re liberals. They never think anything through.

Again, again I say: America today has too many colleges and universities, they’re too big, there’s way too much money spent on them, way too many left-wing schmuck professors spewing propaganda and in line for lavish pensions, and way too many not-very-bright young people sitting in classrooms “learning” drivel when they should be out there working.

Cut the funding. Cut and cut and cut until the bull**** stops.

6 comments on “Now They Want Segregation

  1. Amazing how the “mind” of man goes in such idiotic circles. Rather than seek a middle ground (or whatever you want to call it), they choose to go back to what they insisted was unfair and unworkable. I shake my head and wonder. Working toward the days of Nimrod on one hand, and seeking
    segregation on the other. Incredible.

  2. What would MLK say to this? Do they realize that he actually lost his life in his effort to STOP segregation!? Insanity, strong delusion, liberal indoctrination . . . these collidge students today have no idea. They’re the tragic victims of the left.

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